You will need
  • -copy of technical passport at home
  • - certificate of ownership of the house and land
  • - the document proving the identity of the owner of the house
  • - written permission from the heads of architectural and planning control
Find out who is the owner of the pipeline. Agree with the representative of this company to determine whether it is possible to crash into the pipeline. Write a statement to obtain the conditions for gasification.
Having received a positive response from the owner of the pipeline, go to the project organization. It will be the developer and manufacturer of the project to connect to a specific pipeline that is your home. Check the license for implementation of works.
Agree in the contract the point at which you are departure design engineer for works of all necessary measurements. There's also talk that includes gas appliances, heating equipment what brand is better to install. The designer in turn will have to agree on all the details of the project with the technical Department of the gas company.
Make a budget for all works, following the project documentation and performing all calculations. To sign the agreement on carrying out technical supervision. Will receive a certificate of conformity for gas equipment, the authorization to use it. Will receive a certificate of inspection chimney fire inspection and send it in.
After signing the necessary documents and establishment of all business with the company-the owner and the design Department, go to the organization that will perform all construction and installation work. Check out the license from this company, make sure it is on the register of the company that owns the pipeline.
Having agreed the cost and turnaround time, sign with the installers agreement. This is to ensure that you have certain guarantees from the construction company.
After the installation of the pipeline and all the equipment make sure to draw up technical documentation. Then you, the contractor and the representative of the gas company, forming together a panel for acceptance should make the pipeline.
In the absence of defects and observations will be representative of the gas company's receipt of supervision. Pay for and pass a copy of the installation company. Note that on the day of receipt, all equipment should be connected.
Within 21 days the gas meter must be sealed, and then you will sign a contract for the supply of gas and maintenance of gas equipment. Be sure to follow the instruction on the rules of safe use of gas. This can be done for the gas company and sign after the briefing, conducted by a specialist.