Increase Windows 7 performance with the use of regular means of system

One way is to manually configure the system. If your PC started to slow down and hover, it does not mean that it is time to contemplate a new purchase. Optional change or reinstall the OS. Perhaps your system is configured incorrectly and just need to optimize these settings.

So, you can perform the following steps for overclocking the system. First is to pay attention to the setup of a new startup. Programs that are marked for autostart at boot time slowing down your system. Better to remove from startup all apps. This will directly affect the performance of Windows 7 in a better way.

Next, make a selection: the interface with bells and whistles or performance. If speed is more important, go to "control Panel", open the tab "System" and set the "advanced system settings", namely under "Advanced" find "Performance" and click on the "Settings" button. In the dialog that opens, find the "Visual effects" and set the checkbox for "adjust for best performance". After that, all visual effects are disabled, the user can choose something without which he be able to do, but these options should be minimal. Apply the new settings by pressing the OK button.

Learn more about how to clean the registry. If no skills, it is better to use special programs for cleaning registry, for example, the utility CCleaner. It will help to analyze and show the files that can be deleted from the registry.

Disable services that are not used. Go to "control Panel", then "Administration" and "Services". Here you without disturbing the system can disable the auto update, firewall, security center, service time and service for control over devices that are not or not in use. To disable any service you need to click twice on its name on the "General" tab set "startup Type" and select "Disabled". After that you must restart the system.

Optimization anti-virus program

Consider anti-virus software installed on your PC. Should also work with its settings, because of the action of virus scan also greatly slow down the system. This primarily concerns the software from Kaspersky. It is necessary to set the option of compatibility with other programs. To do this, go to "Settings," then "more options" - "Compatibility". Next, check the box "Concede resources to other programs. Still need to optimize a schedule to download updates and checks for viruses. It is desirable to make them at the time when the computer is not in use.