Profession for signs of fire

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are the signs whose element is fire. They are confident, determined and very resourceful. Aries are natural leaders, so it is better to organize your own business. Also suitable are professions associated with physical activity, risk and adventure (military, security guard, policeman, driver, athlete, stunt).

Leos love always be the center of attention. So they gravitate towards professions that allow you to constantly be on your mind. Often Leos choose a creative activity, becoming actors, Directors or producers. Also, Leos love to lead people, so they will fit the post of the head of the organization, administrator and teacher. Another area of activity where the Lions can prove himself tied to luxury goods, for example, a jeweler or designer.

For Sagittarius are best suited professions associated with the law (lawyer or notary) and other countries (translator or travel Manager), and also establishment of business contacts (for example, a specialist in public relations).

Activities earth signs

For the earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. It's the people who have the diligence and endurance. Calves fit the scope of activities related to Finance (accountant, economist, banker), construction (engineer, architect), nature (agronomist, livestock specialist, veterinarian), art (actor or painter).

For a neat, organized Virgos are best suited professions associated with medicine (nurse, doctor, pharmacist) or service sector (waitress, waiter, teacher, social worker). Besides, Virgins are attracted to occupations connected with the appearance of a person. Among them – the hairdresser, the beautician, the dietician.

Capricorns prefer a field of activity which requires good organization, patience and thoroughness. Most often, they are engaged in the exact Sciences (mathematician, physicist, chemist), historical research (an archaeologist or Museum worker). Also they are attracted to activities related to land or construction (engineer, architect or landscape architect).

Professional sphere for the air signs

Air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Their element – the intellectual activity. The twins will approach the work associated with the word (writer, journalist, editor, literary critic), or is establishing business contacts, advertising Manager, translator, specialist of public relations).

Scales are fine connoisseurs of beauty, so they are best suited professions associated with the arts (artist, critic, designer, actor, composer). In addition, a Libra, by nature, are honest and fair people, so they often choose a profession related to the observance of laws (lawyer, advocate, notary).

Aquarians are prone to creativity and ingenuity. Suitable professions associated with technological progress (for example, a web designer or programmer), creative (Director, journalist or writer). Also they make good psychologists or social workers.

Activities for signs of water

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are water signs. It's a very emotional people, endowed with the gift of eloquence. Cancers are distinguished by the responsiveness, compassion and a well-developed imagination. They use a creative profession (writer, actor, artist, composer), as well as activities related to the education of children (teacher, tutor, pediatrician).

Scorpions are energy and physical endurance. Have good psychologists, psychiatrists, surgeons, and police or military.

Fish is good-natured, creative and dreamy nature. They will fit a profession involving helping people (doctor, nurse, teacher or social worker) and activities related with the sea (sailor or fisherman).