Sugaring: a natural product for the body

Under sugaring refers to hair removal, done with a special paste. The material is created exclusively from natural ingredients: sugar, citric acid and water. Some pasta shugaring can include additional elements. For example, decoctions of herbs, honey or essential oil. These components help to soothe the skin, nourish it and make softer.

The procedure itself is very similar to waxing. You need to take a piece of paste, warm it in the palms. When the material becomes very plastic, it is necessary to spread the skin, "lifting" hair. Then a slight and quick movement of the paste should be removed. The remains of well washed off using warm water.

Sugaring can be performed on all areas of the skin requiring epilation. This procedure is subjected to legs, armpits, bikini area, abdomen. Hair removal sugar paste removes the hair for about 10-15 days. So the result pleases you, you should consider the features of the application shugaring.

Sugaring: how to get rid of hair

Sugaring is a procedure somewhat painful, but very effective. Unwanted hair is removed permanently, leaving the skin beautiful and silky. Sugar hair removal has its own peculiarities.

First, before the procedure should prepare the skin. For this fit special wipes, scrub or towel. These funds will help to lift the hairs that will provide excellent results on sugar hair removal.

Secondly, the master is advised to apply the paste shugaring against growth, and remove in direction of hair growth. This will avoid breaking hairs during the removal and subsequent ingrowth. Also, this approach does not allow a strong irritation of the skin.

Thirdly, to wax different zones, it is necessary to use new pieces of pasta. Professionals also recommend to move the body from the top down - start with the face and finish with your feet.

Sugaring: precautions

Sugaring is a simple cosmetic procedure that can be done at home. But that process has left only pleasant experience should heed the advice of professionals. Works with pasta, there are nuances that can turn waxing into a real torture.

One of the main problems shugaring is stuck. Most often it happens because of wet skin or improper application of the material. To prevent stiction using talc. Also remove the resulting defect using a new piece by adding it on top of the old.

The second problem is the occurrence of pain. This feature shugaring is related to two reasons. The first physiological factor, the second – technical.

The first cause of almost impossible to cope. The technical factor depends on the actions of the master and work properly with the paste. For example, the material should be carefully prepared, the skin when removing you must have a good record, a bit of pulling. If sugaring is performed in the area of heavy sweating, reduce discomfort will help pre-coating of talc.