Assess your knowledge and skills. Try to understand whether your occupation or profession in demand in the canadian labour market. Good chances to get a prestigious position have with programmers and other employees in computer and information technology sector. Also in demand for engineering and construction profession, but the holders of diplomas of higher education will require additional training (duration 6-8 months) in one of canadian colleges. After receiving the canadian diploma of the economist can get a job as an accountant or an employee of the Finance Department.
Learn the English language. Actually in Canada the state are two languages: English and French, but English dominates geographically, the number of carriers and is often used in business communication. Impossible to get a decent job without a good knowledge of the language. To determine your level of English you can use the Internet. There are many sites where for free or for money it is possible to pass the test, the result of which you can attach to your resume.
Engage in purposeful search of the workplace in Canada. Please read the information provided on the websites of the canadian Employment Agency – employment agencies. Try to register on most of these sites where you can post your CV – you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire in the form of the Agency. Make a resume in English and send it by e-mail in companies and institutions where you would like to work. Communicate on forums and social networks with English-speaking Canadians. Ask them about the specifics of employment in a particular region of the country. Follow the suggestions of the companies for employment – many companies are looking for talented employees globally.
Stock up on the recommendations before leaving for Canada. Ask your former employers give you recommendations in English. If this is not possible, bring the corresponding document into English, and assure him of a notary.