For infants fed exclusively breast milk, constipation is not typical. It is normal that the chair of the newborn happens once in a few days. As stool up to 12 times a day, there's all kinds of rules. Nevertheless, if your motherly instinct tells you that the baby is suffering from constipation, the first thing you can do is start to introduce food child water. The liquid increases intestinal peristalsis, helps to move gas and thins the chair. Try to start giving the baby water with a spoon, gradually at first. Also from constipation in a toddler can help massage the tummy clockwise. This massage is applied to relieve pain in case of intestinal colic in infants.

If the child on artificial feeding, then drinking water is required. The mixture is much harder to digest than breast milk. And water helps digestion of the baby and reduces the load on his kidneys.

Now we will talk about children who have in the diet not only breast milk or formula. As in the case of babies, for grown-up kids to drink plenty of water – the surest way to prevent constipation.

To regulate the baby's stool can also help products to its menu. In the case of constipation good: puree the prunes, apricots, pears, the juice from the plums. Would also be useful to monitor the reaction of the intestines of your child for each new product feeding. It happens that some products give unusual reaction in your child. For example, beets are traditionally considered a product that is weak. But my child is beet always causes very severe constipation.

Be careful when you give your baby fruits that labat: first, make sure that these products are not allergic; secondly, the metabolism of the baby is very fast; do not panic and give him a jar of prunes if the baby once pooped a little thicker than usual. Such actions you will easily relax the intestines of the baby too much. Before taking measures to eliminate constipation, make sure that it really is constipation, with which the intestines of the baby can't help myself.

If you notice the tendency of your child to constipation, eliminate or minimize it in the diet foods such as: rice, sugar, white bread, potatoes. Be sure to feed the baby vegetables - they are high in fiber, help in digestion of the child. Dobavlaet vegetables in a teaspoon of olive oil. It is useful and also enhances intestinal motility.

In the case when it is impossible to adjust the chair the child with food, you can resort to medical methods. But this should be done only in extreme cases where an urgent need to help the kid! Safe for children from birth is a medicine "Duphalac". It helps to soften your stools. The effect of this drug may be somewhat delayed in time.

It is also possible to use glycerin suppository. If you fail to buy a baby, just a candle, cut lengthwise into 4 pieces. The introduction of candles is unpleasant and painful for the baby. Moreover, as Duphalac and glycerin suppository not working out the digestion of the baby. After their use you will still need to adjust the child's diet to enhance motility of the intestine and make the stool a little softer. Any laxatives should apply solely in cases where it is urgent to help the kid.