You will need
  • - passport of the borrower
  • - statement
  • - documents for the property purchased
  • - proof of income
  • - an initial payment
In Sberbank it is possible to obtain a mortgage on an apartment in the building and construction. In the latter case, not all objects have material support from the Bank and it is worth to learn from the developer.
To qualify for a mortgage you need to fill the application form which is on the official website of Sberbank. There is need to provide all your passport and personal data, place of residence, place of work and also property that is already owned.
Sberbank is often carried out various actions, which are the documents required from the borrower may vary. For example, the action "mortgage based on 2-m documents" means the granting of a passport and one more document on a choice: a driver's license, passport, military ID, insurance certificate mandatory pension insurance, identity card of a serviceman. In this case, proof of income, are not required.
In the absence of any special conditions required the passport of the borrower. If the apartment get a few people, it required all passports, and documents of the guarantors - if available - is also required.
When getting a mortgage required a Deposit, which can serve as a purchased apartment and some other equivalent property. If the collateral is other object, it is necessary to provide the relevant documents to it, your right of property and its estimated value and notarized consent of the spouse/GI to these actions.
If the collateral is the purchased apartment, documents it is possible to provide within 120 days. This also includes the agreement of purchase and sale, an extract from the Unified State Register, and the estimated value. If you purchase the property in a newly built house, we need a preliminary contract for the implementation of this transaction.
You must also provide proof of income of the borrower. This is a copy of a work book with stamps on all pages, and also the certificate 2-pit. In the case of several borrowers needed the income of all. The higher the total income, the greater the amount of mortgage you can get and the more likely it is that it generally approves.
In the savings Bank the initial payment for the mortgage can be paid maternity capital. This grants a certificate for maternity capital and a certificate from the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation on the balance account.
When obtaining a mortgage, you can also participate in the program "Young family", in this case an additional need to provide a marriage certificate and child birth.
After a mortgage approval to make an initial contribution, to give the documents of the purchased apartment and sign the loan agreement.