Download and print the application form from the website of the savings Bank from the relevant section according to your needs. You can do it here - To obtain a questionnaire you can in branch of the savings Bank in your city.
Provide only truthful information. If the Bank find you in the most insignificant lie, the chance of getting a loanand reduced. Be careful and fill out the questionnaire as fully as possible. Do not forget to specify expensive property in the appropriate fields of the questionnaire, but be aware of the rights to this property as the Bank may require documents confirming your rights. Values that belong to your relatives, are not your property.
Provide as many contact data. Then the Bank will be easier to check the questionnaire and make a decision about granting credit.
If you have people who can become your guarantor, please indicate it as such. This will increase your chances of getting a loan. Also tell your user of intent to take creditas the Bank may contact your place of work. Agree to provide data on a loanof e in the register of the creditdata history. For the Bank it will be an additional confirmation of your solvency.
After filling the form, take it to the office of the savings Bank and put the rest of the documents, wait for the Bank's decision.