What are air fresheners

Air fresheners do not destroy the cause of the odor, they only mask it perfectly and give the freshness and fragrance of the surrounding air. The fresheners are available in the form of aerosols, solid inserts, gels or aroma lamps.

Aerosol air fresheners are the most common. They represent cartridges in which the consumer may at any time to spray the composition. There are special automatic systems that after a certain period of time produce a refreshing stream into the room. Dispensers can pick up depending on decor, they may not even be visible to others. The special nozzle is enough for about a month, he works most often from the network.

The most popular aerosol cans are Glade, Air Wick, Gold Wind. They have a wide range of flavors, reasonable price and perfectly conceal all sorts of smells. From dispensaries for aerosol air freshener consumers prefer the products of the company Tork and Kimberly clark. Such a system can be placed in the toilet room or the Smoking room, where it is necessary to mask unpleasant odors.

Gel air fresheners can also work in the absence of the person. Usually they are composed of water, gelatin, glycerin and flavorings, essential oils. These fresheners take up very little space, they can be fixed in a certain position, and the aroma they exude until then, will not evaporate yet all the flavor. Popular is the gel freshener Glade, which is fixed in a very beautiful and stylish package. Magazine changes as necessary.

Oil air fresheners are much rarer and more expensive. Their biggest advantage is the natural composition. As the flavors are natural essential oils that is safe to use in rooms where there are allergies and children. Preference is given to conifers, citrus and discreet floral aromas.

How to use aerosol air fresheners

Before applying aerosols should follow safety rules because they can contribute to the ignition and allergic reactions. Should not be sprayed on such furniture in premises that are equipped with purifiers that produce ozone.

Sprays cannot be sprayed near hoods, store near batteries and other heating devices. Yes, and often use of these products is not recommended - spray from the air freshener may penetrate into the respiratory tract, causing Allergy.