Advice 1: Perfumes for cars

To eliminate unpleasant odors in the car invented different kinds of flavors. Choose any flavor will not be difficult: a huge selection and the price will satisfy every customer.
Perfumes for cars

What are the flavors?

The most simple and economical is the cardboard flavoring impregnated with aromatic composition. In people it is known as "herringbone". Their lifespan is small and is about two or three weeks. Plus the fact that the fragrance can be changed regularly.

There are also liquid air fresheners. They are plastic or glass bottle filled with scented liquid. Cost-they are comparatively inexpensive and are much longer than cardboard. Minus is that the bottle can leak or accidentally break.

Gel air fresheners consist of a plastic container with holes, where the helium Foundation, which exudes a pleasant aroma. This substance is spent economically and used longer liquid flavorings: about four months.

Natural flavors — this bag, which includes coffee beans, or fragrant herbs and spices as well as aromatic wooden figures. Plus their natural and durable, but have a high cost.

The choice of such a seemingly insignificant item in the car should be taken seriously, because one smell of fragrance can cheer up, and another cause irritation.

Advice 2: How to choose a flavoring for car

The atmosphere in the interior of the car consists of several components – the level of noise and vibration, cleanliness in the cabin, and also soaring in this flavor. Today's manufacturers of auto chemical goods offer consumers to use in the salon special flavors. Car owners are often interested in which of these funds is to give a preference.
How to choose a flavoring for car


What are the different types of air fresheners for cars

The main types of air fresheners for the car are: - cardboard; - helium; - liquid; - natural flavors.

Cardboard air fresheners for cars

The easiest and most common flavoring for a car is the figure out of cardboard impregnated with a special compound, which vaporizes a pleasant aroma. Often these products are made in the shape of Christmas trees. Release this type of flavors and large companies producing accessories for cars and very small, little known company.

Significant disadvantages of such products is their fragility – already after 2-3 weeks the back of the car fades a pleasant smell. Advantages cardboard flavors is their ease of mounting and low price.

Helium fragrances for cars

More durable, and progressive are considered soft products. Usually it is a plastic container with holes for ventilation, which is contained in paste form aromatic substance.

Exposed to air it evaporates and fills the interior of the vehicle a pleasant smell. Of the benefits of gel flavors can highlight their efficiency - the smell is able to stay up to 2 months.

With the value of these accessories for cars is their nice appearance. Sometimes helium flavours are made in the form of cans of fancy shapes, which are mounted on the dashboard of the car using a special adhesive tape.

Another plus of these flavors - a large variety of odors. The disadvantages include the price of this accessory is it is much higher than the cost of the cardboard product.

Liquid flavors for auto

You can see and liquid flavors that are a bottle of glass or plastic, which is an aromatic liquid. Evaporating, it creates in the interior of the vehicle a pleasant smell.

Often these accessories are attached to the ventilation grille of the car. The disadvantage of the liquid flavors is that it may break or spill.

Natural flavors for auto

Natural flavors for cars are based on spices, grains or sweet-smelling herbs. As a rule, such isilia represent the bags of grains or soaked in aromatic composition of wooden figures.

The benefits of such products are their naturalness and durability, while the disadvantages include their relatively high cost. However, if desired, such a flavoring can be made with your own hands.

The choice of flavors for a car: tips and warnings

Especially carefully it is necessary to choose a flavoring for car drivers who are allergic to smells, especially, if they they spend driving the car most of the time.

In the case when while driving you notice that the smell of your fragrance causing your eye redness, runny nose and worsening of General condition, stop, get out of the salon this tool, quickly air your machine and then proceed.

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