What are the flavors?

The most simple and economical is the cardboard flavoring impregnated with aromatic composition. In people it is known as "herringbone". Their lifespan is small and is about two or three weeks. Plus the fact that the fragrance can be changed regularly.

There are also liquid air fresheners. They are plastic or glass bottle filled with scented liquid. Cost-they are comparatively inexpensive and are much longer than cardboard. Minus is that the bottle can leak or accidentally break.

Gel air fresheners consist of a plastic container with holes, where the helium Foundation, which exudes a pleasant aroma. This substance is spent economically and used longer liquid flavorings: about four months.

Natural flavors — this bag, which includes coffee beans, or fragrant herbs and spices as well as aromatic wooden figures. Plus their natural and durable, but have a high cost.

The choice of such a seemingly insignificant item in the car should be taken seriously, because one smell of fragrance can cheer up, and another cause irritation.