You will need
  • L'oreal, Green Mama, Clarins, Orlane.
L'oreal (L'oreal). French brand: specializiruetsya not only on care but also decorative cosmetics. Cosmetic firm is widespread in Russia. It was founded in France in 1909. L'oreal specializuota mostly care cosmetics-antiage. This anti-ageing serum, creams, emulsions, gels, cleansers skin scrubs. Great attention the company pays to care for face, producing a variety of the series means: "Trio", "Perfect Radiance", "Age Expert", "Revitalift", "Luxury Food" and others. For body care, the company produces strengthening oils, gels, milks. All products of the company l'oreal in the middle price category, so there is a large part of the population.
"Green Mama" (Mama). Cosmetics green Mama is recognized as the best cosmetic brand in Russia. The company specializiruetsya on the manufacture's skin care based on natural ingredients. Namely, on the basis of the Russian Northern herbs: plantain, sea buckthorn, wild rose. The content of natural elements in care cosmetics green Mama 98-99 %. Crafting recipes are constantly being improved, the range is expanding, and the experience of being ramped up. Green Mama offers skin cosmetics for problem skin, anti-age care with vitamin F, various face masks and cosmetics to cleanse the skin. Mark is characterized in that a skin care supports the natural functions of the skin without disturbing them.
"Clarins" (Clarins). This cosmetic firm is classified as luxury. Only a woman, not cramped in the media, can afford to use it. The company was founded in 1954 in Paris. She soon became the leader in Europe for the production of skin funds luxury. Cosmetics company gives preference to raw materials of vegetable origin. When it combines it with the principles of aromatherapy and phytotherapy. One of the famous care products are oils for face and body based on plant extracts. The Clarins specializiruetsya on creating anti-aging care skin, which have an antioxidant effect, a calming effect, stimulate the synthesis of collagen. The Clarins is committed to protecting the skin from premature aging from free radicals. In the Clarins laboratories constantly conduct research and development.
"Orlan" (Orlane). Quality French skin care, not received wide distribution in Russia. Despite this, the Institute Eagle are very popular and famous in France. The brand appeared in 1947. In their design firm uses Royal jelly, a protein of longevity, extending the life of cells by 70%, extracts of soy, wheat germ and other products. Specializiruetsya Eagle on anti-aging cosmetics. Although there are line care for young skin called Oligovitamin. This line is designed to saturate the skin with vitamins. The firm also produces a series of Antifatique care, essential in the stress, fatigue and diseases of the skin.