The difference of professional cosmetics

Cosmetics used by makeup artists, primarily differs from the simple means of its high cost and ease of packaging. In addition, it is completely absent of any odor because professional cosmetics is a multi-functional and designed for different clients – including for people with allergies. In this regard, in its composition is the minimum number of perfume components and other substances that can cause allergies.

Professional makeup is not natural, whose expiry date no more than a month.

Due to the special chemical composition, which is carefully chosen in order for customers not to have problems with the skin, professional cosmetic can be stored for three years or longer. Its tonal foundations, concealers, powders and correctors can be used daily – excluding professional tools for a quality dense makeup, which with continued use can clog the pores and affect the skin condition.

Brand of professional cosmetics

Professional makeup artists often use cosmetics brand Artdeco. This product has a beautiful palette, lots of beautiful shades of pencils for lips, eyes and eyebrows, strong lip glosses and lipsticks, as well as high-quality bases under powder. Another striking example is a professional cosmetics brand Nouba, which is used by makeup artists on the Italian fashion shows. The products of this brand is famous for persistent lipsticks, loose shadows, high-quality introductions and specific color palette.

However, some makeup artists are skeptical about the mascara, brushes and sponges manufactured Nouba, giving preference to products Smashbox.

An excellent example of professional cosmetics is a brand Gosh, offering a wide range of persistent connections, beautiful lipsticks and glosses, and pencils with excellent texture and a variety of colors. However, the most well-known brand of professional cosmetics in the world are the products of the leading company MAC, which is used by thousands of makeup artists. This brand is known for the widest color palette of any makeup and a stunning quality that is very hard to beat.