You will need
  • - epilator
  • - body cream
In order to remove unwanted body hair, buy epilator. This device is quite expensive, but its purchase will save you from having to purchase supplies for home waxing or visiting the beauty salon. From the material point of view, its use is more than justified. To use the device very simple. It is quite compact, so you can take it on a trip.
Use the epilator as often as necessary. However, this procedure is only possible when the length of the regrown hair is at least 3-5 mm. The principle of operation of the device is based on grasping hairs with multiple rotating tweezers. If the bristles are too short to remove them will not work.
Before the procedure take a warm shower and clean the skin scrub. Decoupling facilitates the removal of hair and makes the process less painful. Use of the scrub eliminates the problems of ingrowth of the bristles and also facilitates their removal.
Choose the most convenient mode of operation of the device, focusing on their own feelings. The procedure will be less painful if you will drive the epilator over the body smoothly, carefully handling each area. You can gently pull the skin prior to treatment. It will ease the epilation process.
Do not use the epilator for hair removal for the underarms and bikini, if you have low pain threshold. The skin there is very sensitive, so for data fields you can choose more gentle methods. In a pinch, you can RUB the skin analgesic solution.
In order to reduce the pain, wipe the skin with ice. Before the procedure do not drink alcohol and coffee. This can lead to vasodilation and, consequently, increased discomfort during epilation.
Upon completion of the procedure, lubricate the skin moisturizer. After removal of hair don't overdo the tan. Sunbathe in the Solarium is only possible after 24 hours.