The preparatory phase

Conceiving the extension of the window openings in your own home, please note that such actions relate to the redevelopment of residential premises and must be agreed with the housing Inspectorate and the Bureau of technical inventory in your city. Before starting work, be sure to get permission and agree on a new plan of the home.

If you yourself do these bureaucratic procedures you once, contact either a real estate Agency that provides similar services or a construction company, which agreement will execute and the window will expand with a force of professional builders.

Decide on how much and in what direction you want to expand the window. Usually window openings extend to the center of the room, observing the rules of the supporting structure. Thus, under the rules, end often, the window opening must not be within 60 cm relative to the carrier wall, and the distance between the two Windows should not be less than 20 cm for the brick house and 40 for the panel. Failure to comply with regulations can lead to weakening of the carrier function, and the collapse of the wall.

The sequence of operations

Remove the old window along with a box. The best method of expansion which does not require amplification of the opening, this extension of the opening down, since the bottom of the window has no supporting structure. If you expand the window in either height or width, then you need to take care of strengthening of supporting structure, which can be performed using rebar, angle or channel. It should be remembered that the increase is necessary to perform above ceiling to maintain the carrying capacity of the house.

Widens doorway by the diamond drilling or using a punch. Moreover, it is preferable to use the first method, especially if we are talking about old or multi-storey buildings, the diamond drilling gives a strong vibration and does not destroy the connecting layers of plates. At performance of works it is necessary to pay attention to observance of safety measures to drop down pieces of the wall not injured construction workers and family members.

Mount the additional upper slab so that the top slab was part of the side wall at least 15 cm on either side of the window. Further zabetonirovana wall around the opening, if the work was carried out in the panel or monolithic house. In wooden houses as enhance the bearing capacity of the building can be used wooden beams.

After 2-3 hours proceed to the installation of new Windows and finishing works.