You will need
    • mushrooms;
    • thick needle;
    • cotton thread;
    • stainless steel wire;
    • sharp knife;
    • a wooden or metal frame;
    • the pan;
    • rye or wheat straw.
Drying mushrooms in several ways. In any case, first thoroughly clean them. Remove the wormy parts and debris. Have oil and fungus you need to remove the film which covers the cap. This is done in order to remove the adhered needles and dry leaves. Russula choose only the strong and young. Clean them carefully, as they can crumble right in your hand.
Slice the mushrooms into thin plates. They can be any shape, the Only condition — the pieces must not be too small, since the mushrooms for drying are greatly reduced in size. If you are going to dry the raincoats, get rid of the root and cut each in half fungus. It is necessary to determine the suitability of a fungus for drying at all. Select only those raincoats, which have a white core. Yellowed or dark on the inside and mushrooms for drying are not suitable.
With a thick enough needle thread pieces of mushrooms on cotton thread. It must be quite strong, more suited to the thread No. 10. It is possible to string the mushrooms on a wire made of stainless steel.
Dried mushrooms need a warm, dry and well-ventilated place. Attach to the wall 2 hooks and pull the thread between them. If you use wire, make it aluminum, wooden or tin box. It is similar to the grill without a bottom. Wire it can be used so that the mushrooms do not touch each other.
The second method is that mushrooms spread on a baking sheet. First it 2 is placed a loose layer of rye or wheat straw. The first layer put along the baking sheet, the second across. Divide the slices of mushrooms, so they do not touch each other. Cookie sheet place in warm but not hot place. In homes where there is a Russian stove, it is often put, where winter is the bed.
For workpieces on an industrial scale mushrooms are dried in ovens. The temperature of the air in protoplennoy oven does not exceed 50°C. the Tube furnace must be opened to provide good ventilation. At known skill it is possible to dry mushrooms in the microwave. In this case, a frame for drying is made of wooden slats without the aid of nails. The rope should be cotton. The design should not be metal.
When drying mushrooms in the oven it is important not to overdry or burn them. Properly dried mushrooms represent a plate of grey, white or yellowish. They are elastic and do not crumble.
Dried mushrooms, you can prepare a delicious mushroom soup, various sauces and gravies, mushroom pie, mushroom caviar. For cooking eggs soak dry mushroomsuntil they become soft. Boil it for 15-20 minutes. In a skillet perezhyte finely chopped onion with salt. Boiled mushrooms , chop with the grinder). Put the mince in the pan and fry along with the onions with vegetable oil. You can add a little pepper. This caviar is perfect for sandwiches.
For the soup 100g dried mushrooms soak overnight. Soak them in water or in milk. The second option is interesting because mushrooms work almost as fresh. Press them and cut into small pieces. Pour water in a small pan, put the mushroom pieces, bring to the boil and leave to cook for about an hour. Peel and cut into cubes 3-4 medium potatoes and cook them with the mushrooms. Finely chop the onion and sauté it until Golden brown. Add the onion to the pan, bring to boil again, add salt to taste.