To check the quality of honey in different ways. The simplest indicators are the taste, color, consistency. Good, fresh product should not be cloudy. If the Bank or the container residue discovered, honey was subjected to heat treatment. The taste of honey should be sweet, but not cloying. It is believed that the new product is liquid and viscous. If to put it in his stick and pick it up, the jet will drag down a long and continuously.

You can also focus on the aroma. But there are varieties that have a mild smell. Therefore it is more suitable to professionals who are well versed in the varieties of this delicacy.

How to determine the quality of honey at home

The above factors may give results but highly inaccurate. After the honey was at home, it can be subjected to more thorough analysis. This will require only those items that are in most families:

  • iodine;
  • paper;
  • vinegar;
  • water.

Check the honey with water and iodine

The easiest way to check the quality of honey using warm water. After mixing the Goodies in it, it should completely dissolve in the liquid. If not, or in the circle appeared a precipitate, the product cannot be considered natural.

However, the simplicity of the method does not imply its accuracy. More reliable results can be obtained if to use iodine. If when adding the color of honey purchased bluish shades, the product has additives. This reaction occurs in the interaction of iodine with flour or cornstarch. They add to the sweetness, to increase the volume of the product.

How to test honey with the help of paper or vinegar

Checking the quality of honey paper you want to use a newspaper or cloth. If the product will seep, or surface gets wet, the product was diluted with water. This is done with the same purpose as the mixing of flour and starch.

In pursuit of savings and profit, manufacturers or sellers can add honey Mel. To reveal its presence, use vinegar. Add a few drops of the product and wait for the result. If the honey contains chalk, the mixture will bubble or foam.