You will need
  • - olive oil;
  • - coconut oil;
  • - almond oil;
  • - palm oil;
  • - peanut butter (pine, hazelnut, walnut).
The most versatile and common way to provide the skin with vitamins and nutrients and to saturate it with moisture is the use of olive oil. The content of vitamins A and D helps to accelerate cell regeneration of the skin, and monounsaturated acids deeply nourish it.
Dry, aging skin requires intensive moisturizing, which can be achieved using coconut oil. It is ideal for sensitive skin and has a nourishing, softening and rejuvenating properties. Its firm consistency does not prevent uniform distribution and absorption of nutrients by the skin, because when applying the coconut oil melts instantly.
To give the skin freshness and radiance, it is recommended to apply almond oil. It is fatigue of the skin, restores the balance of nutrients and deeply moisturizes it. Almond oil is often used for care around the eyes. In addition, almond oil normalizes the sebaceous glands and prevents the expansion of pores, and eliminates inflammation.
Almond butter is an effective tool in the care of aging, dry and even rough skin. Palm kernel and oil from the pulp of the fruit relieves the skin from peeling, deep moisturizing and helps to get rid of wrinkles.
Oily skin also requires careful care and nutrition. With such a problematic skin to help fight nut Butters: hazelnut, pine, walnut, which easily penetrate the skin and remove excess sebum. They have astringent properties and contain many useful substances: proteins, various vitamins, calcium, potassium and sodium.