You will need
  • - base cream is essential oils;
  • - any cream for base oils.
Usually, the girls first became interested in essential oils, make the same typical error. They buy essential oil that is suitable for their skin type, add a few drops to the usual face cream, which they always enjoyed, and put the resulting product on the skin in full confidence, now that the cream will work more effectively. Do not do this. The cream has active ingredients selected cosmetologists and pharmacists. Adding to it of essential oils the effect can be rather unexpected, because the oil begins to react with the components of the tool. In addition, the essential oil is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis than a cream. And in the resulting mixture the molecules of the oil are able to "drag" the particles of cream to where they are not supposed to be.
Mixing essential oils follows with a base creams. Such funds can be purchased in a beauty store or pharmacy, but you can make your own. To do this, try to use vegetable oils, mango butter or Shea butter, distilled or mineral water without gas, as well as emulsifier. One to two teaspoons of Shea or mango melt in a water bath, then add 10-20 ml of vegetable oil (can use olive, almond, grapeseed or any other) and mix. In a separate bowl heat to the same temperature water. Add the emulsifier according to the instructions, and then mix both components, stirring constantly. The resulting tool, whisk, mini mixer to cool. Now you can safely add in your cream of any essential oil.
But a base oil can be added to existing creams. This should be done immediately prior to use. Scoop desired amount of cream, add a few drops of oil and gently mix the components, and then can apply it to your face. Also a base oil acceptable to use in its pure form.