You will need
  • - sprayer;
  • - protective clothing;
  • - respirator.
To avoid yield losses, it is necessary to pay attention to the prevention and treatment of garden trees, regularly inspect them and to take immediate steps for treatment. In addition, you need to be able to distinguish the types of pests and diseases affecting fruit garden.
The kokkomikoza – parasitic fungus, manifests itself in the form of brownish-red dots on the leaves, subsequently turning into brown spots. On the underside of leaves noticeable white-pinkish tinge. It is the spores of the fungus. With the defeat of the leaves fall from the branches, the tree can not be fully prepared for the winter. Infection affects also the fruit of the cherry. In this case they deform and lose their taste.
To get rid of the pathogen, it is necessary to remove and burn fallen leaves, and soil under the trees to dig twice in a season. You also need three-fold spraying of plants with antifungal drugs: after blooming the leaves are spraying 3% Bordeaux mixture, and immediately after the subsidence of the flowers need to treat the trees with preparations of "Trypsin-M", "Ambulance" in accordance with the instructions or copper oxychloride (0.4 percent). After harvest, trees and shrubs sprayed again similar to the spring treatment.
Monilia is another fungal disease that causes leaf scorch. In this case, the damaged and the bark of the tree: it build up the grey colour on the damaged branches cracks, and the plant slowly dies. Suffer and cherry fruits, they rot right on the branches. For the treatment is also used Bordeaux mixture, iron sulfate or a drug "Nitrates". Trees and shrubs of cherries should be sprayed after flowering. It is important to maintain cleanliness around the trees.
Anthracnose is also a common disease of cherry, which is striking in its fruits. In this case, the cherry patches are formed, which then forms a pink coating, then the fruit dries right on the stalk. To combat this disease have twice over the summer to conduct spraying drug "Polishers" and diseased fruits to destroy.
No less worries and pests: cherry aphid, weevil, Sawfly, raspberry cane moth, aphids – all aiming to eat young buds, flowers and ovaries. If you do not keep up with the garden, these tiny insects can destroy entire crops. Fortunately, there are quite a lot of chemicals that destroy these pests, "spark", "commander", "Corado" does not leave insects no chance.