You will need
  • Change hair, change style of clothing, use the services of plastic surgeons
For various reasons a person decides to change his appearance. This can contribute to the internal changes, the desire to change your life and start all over again, the desire to hide and to hide from prying eyes.

A large number of conducted plastic surgery due to their availability. Not only women, but men also Express a desire to change your face and body with surgical intervention. This files most often for surgery there are no serious indications that there is only one argument to change themselves. Women age doing surgery for a facelift to get rid of wrinkles and lift eyelids. You can easily change the shape of the nose, remove hump, make it slightly pinched or not so wide. You can even change the color of the face and to turn from a mulatto to a white person.
To fully customize the appearance should take into account all the nuances. Eye color can change with the help of special lenses. Experienced orthodontists can change even the bite of a person, and then to change lower part of the face. All these interventions surgeons do not go unnoticed, if the operation was led by an experienced doctor, it may not have serious complications, the patient will be all happy and in a few months will start a normal life.
It is no secret that hair and makeup can pretty much transform a person. Women easily turn from blondes to brunettes, or redheads burning beasts. Will vary the length of hair from short to chic curls. Now do not need years to grow a braid, you can just use the services of hairdressers for hair extensions. Hairstyle even visually alter the shape of the human face.
New makeup is also able to transform the appearance. The arrows on the eyelids, you can model the shape of the eyes. Necessary blush to accentuate the cheekbones, lipstick or gloss visually increase or decrease the lips. It is possible to take care of a new brow shape. Eyebrows accentuate the eyes, making them more expressive and bright.
New clothes and footwear is an integral part of the Transfiguration. You will need to change her entire wardrobe and change the style. If earlier, on the heels was not out of the question, that now they should settle in his closet. When a woman wears shoes with high heels, then automatically changes its posture and gait. The lady becomes more graceful and restrained.