Start with the house. Every day, always something to clean up or repair. We are talking not about dust, it is done constantly, and that you did not before. For example, go through old clothes and take the junk to a homeless shelter. Put books that have not been picked up, pass them to any library. Throw out the old disks with games, movies. If you haven't touched them for more than a year, there is little likelihood that they will be useful. Can you fix the faucet or call a plumber, repair the outlet, hang the picture that has long been gathering dust. It is possible for these actions to connect people.
Start reading something interesting. Take the book that for many years can not afford, and every day read a few pages. In two months you all will read it, how long will it gorditsa. It is possible that you and the two volumes will have time to master, it is only important to devote time to the pages each day, even a little bit. This will strengthen memory, expand vocabulary, and help to instill a desire to read more.
Start to control their spending. Write down daily what you bought, and sum up the report every week. You'll notice that a lot is spent on unnecessary things. This will reduce costs, allow more rational to go with the budget. To implement this, you can put on the phone control program cash-flows, it is easy to operate, and generates visual reports for any period.
Delay the change after each purchase. Just keep a piggy Bank where you put the trifle that is left. After two months figure out what happened. The money you almost don't notice, and they gradually turned into a decent capital. If every day for life to defer quite a bit, you can save even huge house.
Refrain from junk food. Fast food or sweets have a negative impact on health. Replace them with something more useful, like fruits or vegetables. You can even make a delicious salad that is lower in calories, but delicious. When you change the diet you will notice how the extra pounds will begin to dissolve effortlessly. And if you try to eat at home, not in cafes or restaurants, you can still save.
Start to play sports. It may be morning, a small evening workout or jog in the fresh air. Someone even decide to go to the gym or the pool. This will improve the General condition, will give courage, confidence in yourself, as well as strengthen muscles and the cardiovascular system. But it is important to remember that physical activity is needed constantly, not from time to time.