If you want to look younger than their years, start with, like your age and stop trying so seriously to treat him. Understand that youth is born in the soul, then reflected in the eyes. Even if you put on a school uniform and braided pigtails, on your face without any wrinkles, but you have the eyes of an old woman, grown wise bitter experience, and in my head a lot of complexes and prejudices, to cheat nature and others you will not succeed. Do not ruin a child with his thirst for new discoveries and impressions, and it will certainly have a positive impact on your face. But too infantile to become certainly not worth it. Otherwise, it is not the desire to look younger than their years, but not the ability to take responsibility for themselves and their lives.
Coco Chanel said, "Not every woman is born beautiful, but if she was to 30 years — it is quite simply stupid." Start to pay more attention to their appearance, and she will answer you in return. Buy quality skin care, then visit a good competent cosmetologist. Avoid radical hair color and too bright make-up, usually they added at least five years its owner.
Little so an old woman like the extra weight. Analyze your diet, and if necessary make adjustments. Keep in mind that with age, the metabolism slows down. Significantly reduce the and best of all eliminate muffin, pastry, alcohol, fried and fatty foods. Nutritionists recommend eating five times a day not large portions. Include in the diet lean protein, fresh fruit and vegetables. Drink plenty of pure non-carbonated water. Enroll at the nearest fitness club and sport. Perfect dancing, running, aerobics. Don't try to lose weight quickly, if any. Over time, the skin becomes less elastic, you run the risk of sagging and stretch marks. Do not overdo it, excessive thinness can emphasize the wrinkles on your face. Following these simple rules will help you lose weight and remain in good physical shape.
Get a modern and stylish youth clothes. Observe the style of teenagers and young girls. Try not to wear simple, classic business suits, vintage pure and "grandmother's" blouses. Avoid dullness in the wardrobe and skirts are not clear of styles and lengths. Don't be afraid to wear revealing outfits, but follow a simple rule – is to publicly display one or neckline or feet. Excessive vulgarity ages and wouldn't let anyone look younger than their years.
And most importantly about your age with irony. Remark in one of his works wrote : "Lydia was forty the day she seemed to be about thirty, and night, with proper lighting, twenty — five. In those restaurants, went to Lydia, the lighting was always appropriate."