Don't put yourself years of excessive makeup is not appropriate for you age, overly conservative clothes. Hardly anyone of the women wants to look your age to thirties. If in his youth, many girls really want to look older, on the eve of the thirties woman wants to look not worse than their younger girlfriends. A large number of Foundation, the coal-black eyebrows and red lipstick day can still be excusable in makeup very young girls, who because of age have not yet learned how to emphasize your strengths and hide weaknesses. Women around 30 years old, painted vividly and crudely, in most cases just look tacky.
If the figure allows, be sure to wear fashionable and beautiful clothes. Of course, microsilica with lace trim and short tops with Mickey mouse is unlikely to be organic look on anyone over the age of 18, but to emphasize the beautiful legs of skinny jeans or a mini skirt and refresh the complexion tight white t-shirt is absolutely not forbidden. Of course, this is not the best option work wardrobe – especially if the rules imposed by your employer, include a strict dress code – but in your free time you may dress as you like (and comfortable).
If you really strive to look considerably younger than their years, be sure to take enough time to exercise. This will not only make your figure look more taut and toned and prevent excess weight, but will also help the body to produce hormones that contribute to the improvement of the skin and the appearance of the gleam in his eyes. Leading an active lifestyle women look significantly younger than their peers because most of them – a cheerful optimist with a smile on her face. But nothing else adds to the woman age as the dull look, perpetually furrowed brow and pursed lips, so typical of many ladies, who just yesterday was still giggly girls.
Please note that just at the age of about 30 years of age on the skin begin to appear the first wrinkles. Therefore always carefully take care of your face. If a young girl can not afford to always wash off the makeup, have fun at a noisy party all night long and sometimes eat junk food, it on the face of thirty women all excesses very quickly reflected in a most unpleasant way. If you haven't found "your" cosmetologist, be sure to enjoy this issue. And quit Smoking, if you still didn't get rid of this bad habit – nothing makes a woman's skin is stronger than the nicotine.
If you spend enough time in the fresh air, eat only healthy foods, watch your body, do sports and do not abuse alcohol, and 30 and 40, and in 50 years you will look much younger and more attractive to their peers.