Advice 1: How to fill out the certificate of inspection of living conditions

The activities of the state administration responsible for education, today, is aimed at strengthening the work with children from disadvantaged families and their parents; to identify the anti-social factors in the early stages. For these and other purposes of class teachers required to complete the certificate of inspection of living conditions.

When and who is involved in the preparation of the act

Filling of certificate of inspection of living conditions of minors falls within the competence of the special educational Commission which, if necessary, may include the educational psychologist, social pedagogue, school inspectors and even district district.

The purpose of this act is not to look in the fridge individual families", as at the time assumed some of the citizens, and to explore the conditions in which he lives and is brought up by the student. The need for immediate visit to emerged since then, when the class teacher has lost the possibility of contact with parents and guardians: very often they do not attend special meetings, do not respond to individual invitations, do not respond to the diaries of children.

Usually a Commission does not warn about the visit for the purpose of examination, is at the place of residence of the child in the evening, when the parents are home, and of the act in their presence. If the family being dysfunctional, prevents the filling of the act, teachers may contact the district for assistance in resolving the issue.

Nuances of design document

The act of survey of living conditions is a ready form, the approved regulations, however, many administrative agencies made minor changes.

If a survey of the living conditions of first graders, a total data size, number of occupants and availability of the workplace of the student, noting the presence of toys, children's books, the equipment of the sleeping place of the child.

In General terms, the act of examination of housing conditions of minors can be viewed here

By completing this document, please note the following points:

- where the child sleeps (does he have a separate bed, room);
- the condition and appearance of the child and parents at home;
- availability of the area in which the child is preparing lessons, playing, resting;
- bathroom (hygienic condition, availability and unavailability for younger student household chemicals);
- the presence in the house animal, the sanitary condition of their detention;
- the state of exit from the premises (it should be free, not cluttered);
- food package for the child (according to age).

At the end of the document must appear the signature of one of the parents, all members of the Commission, the Director of the institution. The act is kept by the class teacher or the person who initiated the survey.

Advice 2: How to make a certificate of inspection

The act survey is a document which follows a particular form and records the findings or actions of specific individuals. the Content and purpose of all acts are different, but they are compiled according to the generally accepted rule in the presence of witnesses.
How to make a certificate of inspection
Note that without witnesses you cannot prove is described in the act events and facts. The act survey provides a basis for making important decisions. If the document does not meet the requirements, the court will take it into account, and recorded in act event may be invalidated, especially in the absence of other evidence.
Acts should be drafted by a special Commission. The Commission is created in private, immediately before the making the act, or special order a specific institution. As a rule, for each type of act has its own forms.
The act specifies the date, time, place of composition. Write your surname, name, patronymic, post of the employee who created the document. Specify the witnesses here present, it is desirable that there were several.
Next, specify what kind of violation committed by the employee. Bring the violator a preliminary explanation, preferably verbatim. Collect signatures of witnesses, take signature of the employee confirming that the act he is acquainted. If the employee refuses to sign the act, indicate, under the appropriate mark must be put the signature of witnesses.
Keep in mind that the act of misconduct is made the day of detection. If the employee was in the workplace in a drunken state, for information we can produce a document the next day. For registration of deed you can use the forms adopted in your organization, but only if there is another approved form.
Constitutes an act in a few instances, one of which will attach to the case, and the other direct to the appropriate authority. The number of composed instances is specified at the end of the act and governed by regulations.
The act is considered accepted only after the signing of the document on all persons, including the Commission. If any of the witnesses disagree with the content of the act, he still needs to sign and indicate their disagreement, or to make his opinion separately.
Useful advice
Keep in mind, some forms of acts approved by the order of the Russian Finance Ministry, if the document is not in a suitable form, legal power, he may not have.

Advice 3: Free meals at school: what documents are needed

Every year the cost of educating a child in the school grow significantly. Payment books, household needs, repair class and school, electives, meals and after-hours group significantly Deplete the contents of dad's wallet. However, not all parents know that it is possible to arrange free meals in secondary school. For this you need to confirm their belonging to the preferential category of the population.
Free meals at school: what documents are needed
You first need to determine if you can claim the privilege in the form of free meals at school.

It can obtain:
- children from large families;
- children from low-income families;
- orphans or children left without parental care;
- children with disabilities;
- children in difficult life situation;
- children from families affected by the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

For each preferential category has its own list of documents. As a rule, documents are provided to the social worker of the school.
For children from large families received free food, you must provide:
- a written statement about the free food;
- a copy of the certificate of mother (father).
Children from low-income families confirm their privileges by a certificate from social security authorities stating that their family is low-income and receive a corresponding benefit. Additional written statement on providing free meals.
Orphans or children left without parental care, also have the opportunity to eat in school. To do this, the guardian writes a statement. A list of enrolled orphaned children each new academic year the school provides the Department of custody and guardianship.
To obtain free food to children with disabilities must complete an application form and provide a certificate of disability.
Children in difficult life situation, is a special category, as this provision has no official confirmation. As a rule, the definition of the status of "difficult situations" assigned to the class teacher. Parents need to explain to the teacher the difficult situation of the family and the reason why parents cannot pay child food. The class teacher is the act of examination of housing conditions. Social worker refers the document to the Department of custody and guardianship, which must take a decision and send to the school a petition to free the child's diet. Unlike other privileged categories, free food will be provided only during the calendar year.
Children from families affected by the accident at Chernobyl also have the opportunity to eat at school. It is necessary to write the application and to provide a certificate confirming preferential category.
Unfortunately, to be paid from the local budget Breakfast only. If the child attends a day care center, the parents will have to pay for lunch. In addition, the law stipulates a specific amount for payment of a food of children in schools. If the cost of Breakfast at the school exceeds this amount, the parents offer to compensate for the difference. Otherwise, a separate discounted menu, which is inferior as usual.

Please note that the exemption is available only to children attending state secondary schools.
Useful advice
A statement on the provision of free meals to spell each new academic year. As a rule, are processed the papers in April-may. If you know about your favorable position during the school year, please notify the social pedagogue. He will tell you how to apply for free meals.

Advice 4: How to adopt a grandson

Custody issued against children under 14 years, if for some reason they have no parents. Pre-emptive right for the issue of child custody is given to close relatives (grandparents, adult sisters and brothers), if they are healthy and their material and living conditions allow to raise a child.
How to adopt a grandson
You will need
  • - documents for registration of guardianship or trusteeship;
  • - application to the guardianship;
  • - a statement to the court.
If you expect to obtain custody over their minor grandchild, contact the guardianship and custody of his district. File a written statement. You will be given a medical card that you must fill.
You have to visit phthisiatrician, psychiatrist, psychiatrist, oncologist, therapist, and others indicated in the map experts, to confirm that you do not suffer from chronic diseases are not on account of alcoholism, drug addiction, mental disorders.
You should also present the characteristics of employment and of residence; act of inspection of housing members of the housing Commission of regional administration; certificate of inspection of the conditions for education, which will be given in the guardianship on the basis of the inspection of your living conditions; income certificate form 2-pit; the notarial consent of the spouse, if you are in a registered marriage.
The minor citizen is incompetent, so the guardianship over him is established on the basis of the decision of the court with the obligatory participation of the guardianship and guardianship, the Prosecutor of the area. If the child was 10 years old, then take into account his opinion about who he wants to see as its guardianshipon.
If the child's parents not deprived of parental rights, alive and not recognized by the court incompetent by reason of mental illness, they are required to obtain a permit for the establishment of guardianship.
If all your documentation meet the requirements, then the court will make a decision and you will appoint the guardianship. With 14 years over child guardianship is established. This form of childcare can be installed temporarily if the parents are in another city, country or in places of deprivation of freedom, but not deprived of parental rights.
So you were appointed Trustee, you will need the same documents as when establishing guardianship. The case of the appointment of a guardian of a child from 14 to 18 years considered by the court. A Trustee can be based on the decision made by the court with participation of bodies of guardianship and guardianship or the Prosecutor.
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