When and who is involved in the preparation of the act

Filling of certificate of inspection of living conditions of minors falls within the competence of the special educational Commission which, if necessary, may include the educational psychologist, social pedagogue, school inspectors and even district district.

The purpose of this act is not to look in the fridge individual families", as at the time assumed some of the citizens, and to explore the conditions in which he lives and is brought up by the student. The need for immediate visit to emerged since then, when the class teacher has lost the possibility of contact with parents and guardians: very often they do not attend special meetings, do not respond to individual invitations, do not respond to the diaries of children.

Usually a Commission does not warn about the visit for the purpose of examination, is at the place of residence of the child in the evening, when the parents are home, and of the act in their presence. If the family being dysfunctional, prevents the filling of the act, teachers may contact the district for assistance in resolving the issue.

Nuances of design document

The act of survey of living conditions is a ready form, the approved regulations, however, many administrative agencies made minor changes.

If a survey of the living conditions of first graders, a total data size, number of occupants and availability of the workplace of the student, noting the presence of toys, children's books, the equipment of the sleeping place of the child.

In General terms, the act of examination of housing conditions of minors can be viewed here

By completing this document, please note the following points:

- where the child sleeps (does he have a separate bed, room);
- the condition and appearance of the child and parents at home;
- availability of the area in which the child is preparing lessons, playing, resting;
- bathroom (hygienic condition, availability and unavailability for younger student household chemicals);
- the presence in the house animal, the sanitary condition of their detention;
- the state of exit from the premises (it should be free, not cluttered);
- food package for the child (according to age).

At the end of the document must appear the signature of one of the parents, all members of the Commission, the Director of the institution. The act is kept by the class teacher or the person who initiated the survey.