Ways to increase the number of views on Youtube

First, when you add video you will need to be filled in description and keywords. Almost all users of this service use search site for finding new channels and videos. Affecting a particular subject, you should describe the video in order to be above the rest. In addition, the movie will be displayed in the search sites in the Google results, which will also bring its share of hits.

Second, you can use the services of artificial cuts of the parameter display. It is necessary to create a viral effect for the video. Watch video large number of people in a short period of time will provide video output in the top of the main page. When you create the right title and choosing the main picture for a preview of his look most people in the region.

Thirdly, you will help purchase of services adding your favorite videos on popular channels. Most of the subscribers trust their idols, so your video will be viewed by new people.

The fourth method of advertising the movie – the social network. If it gets posted in some popular themed group or page with a large number of subscribers, it will definitely look more people.

General tips for video content

People's approval and self-distributing video over the Internet depends on what kind of video content were prepared. Best suited for art video, funny or unexpected ending, but in this case it should be short.

If your channel has a theme, and you want to become a real vlogs, you should pay attention to the overall theme of all the video, your voice, the quality of the recording, story and everything else. To increase the hits in this case, you will approach the management of pages in all popular social networks, where eventually there will be a sufficient number of subscribers who will help you with the promotion of videos, telling their friends and acquaintances.

The fact that people today are willing to see only high-quality material. Less and less are becoming popular non-professional video taken on the phone. However, all also popular download videodouble with a modified description. To find these videos in the search, typing the name of any popular actor or another person.