You will need
  • - bathing suit.
The water Park is a construction in which territory there are pools and various water rides. Due to the fact that there are closed systems, to relax in the Park at any time of the year. The most necessary thing in the water Park is a bathing suit. About swimming trunks for men can not survive. In them the main thing – to not fall. But women should be more attentive to the choice of clothes for swimming. The beauty of the swimsuit is not important, more important than convenience. Easy razvyazyvalisj ribbon can fail at the most unfortunate moment during the descent from the hill. You don't want to be Topless with a big crowd of people? Then to find a swimsuit should be with reliable fasteners. Decoration in the form of decorative flowers and beads for the water Park are not desirable. They can interfere with the descent on the pipe, if not to break away.
For very young children need to have waterproof diapers. Shoes for the Waterpark is selected on the rubber non-slip sole, comfortable. In addition, it is advisable to bring a towel and soap. After a visit to the water Park ends with a shower. But valuables should be left at home. To rely on the honesty of visitors is not necessary, and to wear them myself I lose. Some rides do not start up with the decorations.
There is a category of people who visit water parks contraindicated. Check this list in advance not to be disappointed, when they reached the cherished goal. That might be the ban on visiting the Park: an open wound on the body or allergic reactions, infectious diseases, alcohol or drug intoxication. As well as exacerbation of chronic diseases, any illness that threatens the health of its visitors.
To stay in the water Park, remember only positive aspects, you need to follow the rules. Entering into the territory of institution, try to allocate time to have time to visit all the planned rides. Before the first time down a hill or use a strange attraction, read the information plaque. Only you can decide how risky is fun.
The administration is not responsible for the possible consequences, on which is written the warning. For younger visitors there is a children's water Park area. But this does not mean that you can leave the baby alone. Adult supervision is still needed. Moreover, children under 14 years allowed to the territory only with an adult.