The largest in Russia, is the water Park "Piterlend." It is located in Saint Petersburg. In the Northern capital it already the third, but, besides the size, the thematic Park is distinguished by its manner – a pirate theme. The highlight of it is built the ship "Black pearl" with a height of 16 meters. The length of all water trails within 500 metres. The most exclusive attraction in it is the slide which does not descend, but rise thanks to a strong jet of water.

The following interesting water Park is "KVA-KVA-Park", located near Moscow in Mytishchi. It is 7 slides long up to 120 meters. Slide "Tsunami" makes an indelible impression on all the visitors with its waves and fall at right angles. Features are the attractions for children. For women there are Spa treatments for lovers of baths – professional masseurs and bath attendants.

Interesting entertainment and a large water Park in St. Petersburg is the "Waterville". The most interesting attraction in it is the 10-meter-long slide "Black hole". Pool with waves up to one meter, will help you to feel yourself on the beach during a storm.

Indoor water Park "Riviera" in Kazan has in its Arsenal of more than 50 rides. For extreme type of holiday has a swimming pool "Tornado with multiple funnels. For anyone wanting the opportunity to go diving.

Near the village of Lazarevskoe, close to "Golden Bay", built the water Park "starfish". Most interesting in this cafe is located right on the water. 11 slides provided to visitors of any age, and for extreme – slide "Kamikaze".