You will need
  • - comfortable and attractive clothing and lingerie;
  • - pleasant music;
  • - scented candles.
Organize a good lighting for your dance. The most sexy you will look in the light of the red lamps or candles. With candles, be careful, shot and discarded clothes can fall on the fire and burn. Purchase a set of aromatic oils for sensual stimulation. Pour a few drops of oil in a special lamp and light the candle underneath.Choose music based on their preferences and tastes of your passions. Try to dance and make some erotic movement, in different rhythm, focus on where you feel free and uninhibited.
Buy brand new and quality underwear. It is possible that a suitable Strippingand you won't find in a regular store. Go to salons for adults to choose a few pairs of panties and shorts - you will need to move around in front of the mirror at home, taking various erotic poses.Specifically for the strippersand to buy garments is not worth it, unless, of course, it will not be your work. In advance ask your mistress what costume the man excites her more than anything. It may be that she worships the young people in a simple, threadbare jeans and a t-shirt, drunk.
Practice all your moves in front of the mirror. Place a disc of male Stripteaseand performance of professionals and repeat the dance for them. Better yet, buy the video tutorials and follow the instructions of the masters in this field. Select a venue for erotic dancing, so as not to stumble on the chairs and beating all parts of the body from sharp corners. Passionately removing different sets of clothes, dwell on the fact that you are turning the easiest.
The highest risk in men of the stripe the item is socks and shoes, so at the initial stage it is better to abandon these items. Go barefoot - that in itself is sexy! Engage in the dance of the lady - let her unbutton a button on his trousers, to catch your shirt or tie. Touch her in the dance, caress and kiss, but not obliquities - the girl can not wait for the end of your dance! Allow the pants or jeans freely slide on the hips and fall to your feet. Now it is important to get rid of them, not entangled.Every move accompany the rhythmic swaying of the hips, a show of muscle, or the imitation of sexual intercourse.
Don't be afraid to be funny - this will hinder your movements and you really will look silly. Even if it happens any incident, not scary, because you loved one. The woman understands your excitement and will help you finish the dance with dignity.