Dance for her beloved husband, or what a woman can do

Home strip is a great way to diversify sex life. But it requires serious preparation. And not only because of the professional strippers know special moves, have good stretch and strong muscles. Dancers perform in clubs, on stage, where they create a certain atmosphere. And you have to perform an erotic dance at home. But you have to avoid a sudden invasion of the other family members in the bedroom. Take the kids to grandma, older relatives send to the country or to the theater, unplug the phone and lock the doors of the castle. Only a feeling of complete isolation, you will be able to relax and overcome the confusion.

Home Striptease importantly - attitude. No matter what you do not sit on twine and do not get the heel to ear. Try to Express in the dance of love, tenderness, passion. Move so as to cause the husband to acute sexual desire. You of all people know better what part of your body most of all excites the partner. Try dancing to focus on her, beckon, tease, but not fall immediately into the arms. No professional stripper will not be able to bring your husband, as you know his weakness.
Do not just try to do the splits or bend sharply at the waist. These movements can lead to pulled muscles, they require serious preparation.

Proper Striptease at home - where to start

If you create an environment all around is clear - children and relatives expelled from the house, in the twilight of the room, candles lit, champagne is chilled, the beginning of the strip can be difficult. Better warn the wife about the surprise in advance to it, taking advantage of the silence and the darkness did not lay down to sleep.

Favorite seat on the couch, turn on light music, offer a glass of champagne and a light salad with seafood. While the partner enjoys and nourishes the body so useful in intimate moments with protein, change in another room in beautiful clothes, wear stockings, a dressing gown and go to her husband.
The husband has not started active actions ahead of time, explain that you will bind him to the couch. First let get visual satisfaction and then physical.

Walk up to him, Pat and kiss on the cheek. The first touch is very important. The male psyche is quite vulnerable, and the transformation of a quiet lap cat in a sexy Panther can strike her a severe blow. So give your loved once feel your warmth, let him remember that you are you and not someone else's aunt, which knows what to expect.

Remember that the peak of female sexuality comes when the partners there are no misunderstandings. So during the dance ask her husband, whether he likes it or cost to slow down or speed up the pace. These inquiries need only during the first Stripping, then you will learn how to call a wild desire to have a beloved just one movement of the shoulders or hips.