Neck. Juicy, tender meat with lots of fat layers. Suitable for roasting a large piece. From this part of the pork also makes delicious barbecue.

Shoulder (front leg) . The meat here is tough, so better use it for stuffing.

Brisket. The upper part (closer to the neck) is usually cut into pieces with ribs, baked in the oven or fried on the coals, lay on the grill. The lower part of the brisket smoked, fried or stewed.

Loin. The fatty part of pork. Only it is not cooked: kebabs or pieces on the grill, baked and fried, cooked rolls, chops, cutlets. Fat from this part salted or smoked for winter. Under the middle of the loin is the tenderloin is the most lean part of the pork. Fry the meat should not last long. It produces tasty chops, fried or stewed meat.

Flank. Meat for cooking meat, and rolls. But baking them takes a long time, as in this part of the meat fiber.

Ham (back leg). With more delicate flesh. Can be cooked whole, stew pieces and boil. Goes well on the barbecue, and can be cooked whole on a fire. It is from this part of the delicious smoked products. Ham is usually sold already cut. The most delicious part — the thigh (closer to the front of the pork). It produces excellent steaks and schnitzel.


Neck. The upper part (the one closest to the head) is hard, requires a long heat treatment. Great for stuffing. And the lower part of the neck, brain bone, good for nourishing soups.

Blade. It lean meat. Suitable for stewing, frying, and soups.

Brisket. From it out very tasty rolls, soups, and smoked meat.

Thick edge. In this part of the meat is fine-fibered. Therefore, it can bake a large piece, some nice soft rolls. This is the meat suitable for steaks and roasts.

The thin edge. The meat is more tender than a thick edge. Best suited for cooking steaks and roasts, and can bake a large piece, and not cutting off the c bones.

The upper part of a hind leg. It serves burgers, steaks. Recommended for baking and barbecue.

The lateral part of the hind legs. In this part of meat is harsh. Its a good long simmer in sauces.

The inner part of the hind legs. The upper part (the probe) can be fried whole. The rest is cut into portions and cook on the fire.

Tenderloin. This is the most tender part of beef and the most expensive. Normally, steaks or medallions.

The flank. This part of the meat covers the lower portion of the ribs, it is with fat layers. The closer to the foot of the fatter. Suitable for stewing, and stuffing.

Flank. Meat in this part of the hard. It is better to take the meat, combining with pork, or cook goulash.

The front shank. The lower part of the front leg. It's good brain bone, so it's perfect for soups and soup.

The hind shank. There are a lot of cartilage, so are ideal for jelly.