How to choose a kind of meat

Often chops are made of pork or beef. Every woman can choose the kind of meat that is most like her and her family.

Pork is rich in b vitamins, as well as zinc, iron, potassium and magnesium. Lard contains arachidonic acid, unsaturated fatty acids and selenium. People suffering from various cardiovascular diseases, it is necessary to prefer all kinds of meat that is pork.

Beef is rich in connective tissue protein, which is very helpful for vascular health, joints and skin. The disadvantages of the beef is the fact that it digests much longer and harder than pork. In addition, it contains a large amount of nitrogen-containing compounds that can adversely affect metabolic processes in the body.

Experts recommend eating different varieties of meat to the body receives all the necessary substances. Beef can be replaced with more useful and dietary veal.

For chops perfect neck carbonate, t-bone, and other soft parts of pork and beef carcasses.

How to choose quality meat

No matter what kind of meat is purchased, it is important to choose only fresh produce. It is advisable to buy chilled meat supplied to local farmers. Quality of chilled products is always higher than that of frozen products.

Good pork should have a light pink color, and its fat should be white. Quality beef should have a bright pink or bright red shade. It depends primarily on the age of the animal. The fat of beef or veal must have a white or cream shade.

When pressed with your finger to slice chilled meat it must quickly recover its initial shape. If the dent in the meat remains, it is no longer fresh.

Before buying meat products it is definitely worth a sniff. She should not have a sour or putrid smell. The surface of the meat should be moist but not wet and not dried up. The allocation of excessive moisture indicates that the product has been subjected to freezing.

To determine the quality of frozen meat is much more complicated. In this case it is necessary to focus on color and form. Pieces with dark color and irregular shape, most likely, were subjected to partial defrosting during storage. Such product already cannot be called good.