You will need
  • Bed;
  • - Bed linen;
  • - Cover;
  • - Cushion.
Spread the mattress, beating him, even hands the sheet smooth and tuck in the mattress. If the mattress you are made integral with the bedth, just pull the sheet down from the edge of the bed.
Proceed to the pillows, there may be one or many, but all of them need to stretch, to give them the original shape, cover them with pillow cases. In different countries produce pillows of different sizes, if you know the size of your pillows, pillow cases pick the appropriate. Otherwise the pillow would have to compress to the size of a pillowcase or she will be free to roll inside, which is not conducive to peaceful sleep.
Usually, if you want to make the bed beautiful pillows in fresh pillowcases smoothed put on the veil. For everyday option "on the run" approach and the location of their under the covers - not all change bedding every day.
The blanket in the duvet cover, which must match in size to each other, spread on the sheet. If the quilt is wider or longer than the mattress, depending on the location of the bed, or fold neatly, and svecite the blanket from the bed, or tuck under the mattress.
Cover the bed with a blanket - it can be fur rug, skin, jacquard fabric, quilted the finished blanket or another duvet in a beautiful cover. The veil usually do more of the dimensions of the bed, so you can pretty hang him to the floor, or folded at the head or feet.
Now is the time to artistically arrange the pillows in a beautiful (or clean) pillow cases. If you have a set of four pillows - two large square and two rectangular, square cushion, put, or lay at the head, and rectangular to them.
You can just randomly throw decorative pillows on the bedspread that fit the style of the bedroom!
For zasilania beds all the rules you first need to lay additional tutacak on the mattress in the winter, covered with wool or summer cotton. On it along with the mattress, put the sheets on the elastic band, which, of course, the size perfectly fits to avoid wrinkles and folds. On top of it spread a big sheet.
Between a sleeping person and a blanket in the Deluxe version assumes the existence of crisp beautifully designed sheets that is placed on a large sheet while spreading. The duvet cover is dressed is also not simple, but with detail of the type "dovetail", which is tucked under the mattress to the foot of the sleeping would not open and froze.