In Russia this kind of games is just beginning to develop, but not yet so popular. To learn how to play it, you should learn a few simple rules of the game and explore some well-known tricks.

  1. The correct winding of the rope. In order to the yo-yo to wind the rope, she is taken in the left hand, and only one turn so that the rope passed around your finger. Then you need to move the finger with the loop and make four simple round. You can then remove your finger and wind remaining rope.

  2. Now, take the yo-yo in the other hand (right). In this case, the rope must remain tied to your middle finger and wind around the yo-yo from the top end.

  3. Arm bent at the elbow so that the yo-yo began to be on the level of your eyes.

  4. After completing all the instructions, now it should drastically lower the arm down, producing the emission of a yo-yo. In this case, your palm should be turned upwards as soon as the yo-yo to unwind completely, you need to deploy the palm of your hand and gently pull the rope to yo-yo back to your hand.

The trick is called "star" can help you to learn how to play yo-yo (her).

  1. Yo-yo you should throw in the side and put in front of him, the index finger on his left hand so that the yo-yo wrapped around the finger and returned to the rope. This trick is used as the basis for many other more complicated tricks.

  2. A large finger on his left hand grabs the rope, and the thumb on his right hand pulls one of the two pieces of ropes that are wound on the index finger on his left hand. At the end of the manipulation, you'll have a shape that resembles a star.

The trick is called "Bunny"

  1. Begins to run as a "star", but a yo-yo is thrown not through the index finger and using the thumb on his left hand.

  2. 2. First yo-yo is tossed around the index finger on his right hand, then left. Yo-yo also caught on the rope.

  3. Now the far part of the rope is reset with the index finger on his right hand. At the end of the manipulation, you'll have a figure that resembles a Bunny.