You will need
  • - flower pots 1;
  • - flower seedlings 2;
Al – flower-kit for bedroom

Aloe ― a beautiful flower for the bedroom. At night, this plant absorbs carbon dioxide and not less actively releases oxygen. It is believed that aloe Vera protects the house and its owners from any accidents. This belief is likely based on the healing properties of this flower. Washed and peeled aloe leaves has long been used to treat infected wounds, and are part of many traditional medicines.
Camellia – awakened sexuality

Bedroom is not only a room for a night stay, but a place where raging the most intimate passions of family life. Red Camellia is not just a luxury decor for a sleeping bag, but also a kind of "psychological" helper that resolves sexual problems. Bright flower for the bedroom just fits perfectly, as absolutely devoid of smell, is able to disturb sleep.
Violet – manage emotions

Delicate violets will serve as an exquisite decoration for your bedroom. Pay attention to the colors in the bedroom appropriate white violet force calming, and purple, helping spouses to find a common language. Violet pink and red hue give a sense of joy from communication. These flowers it is better to put in the bedroom, if you want to there reigned a trusting atmosphere of love and understanding.
Chlorophytum – clean air in the bedroom

If you want to be sure that the air in your bedroom is cleaned from pathogenic microorganisms and harmful fumes, bring it Chlorophytum flower for bedroom with unique properties. Several of these plants in just 24 hours will make the air in the bedroom was spotlessly clean and fresh. To enhance the efficiency of the plant in the flower pot, you can put a few tablets of activated charcoal.
Geranium – get rid of insomnia

This unpretentious flower for the bedroom will help you to get rid of stress and the resulting insomnia. In addition, the geranium flowers release into the air of biologically active substances, detrimental effect on Staphylococcus and Streptococcus.
Ficus – planned pregnancy

If you are planning a pregnancy, put in the bedroom ficus. Care for flower for bedroom, wipe it regularly with broad leaves from dust, and talk to him. According to legend it is believed that ficus, spoiled by the attention of the hostess, contributes to the early conception and conducive to good pregnancy.