Test yourself

If you doubt the correctness of the decision, consult with an expert in this field. Doc in a certain area will help you to sort out and explain why you should do anyway. When you don't have the ability or desire to resort to outside help, you can gather information about a particular subject. The more facts you have, the better you can picture what is happening.

Well weigh all the "pros" and "cons". Try to predict how events can develop in different outcomes. Evaluate the situation, think calmly, objectively and soberly. In any case, do not take the decision under the influence of strong emotions, both negative and positive. It is better to wait, calm down, and if your position will not change with time, act. Perhaps, then, your decision will be opposite to the first, then you will protect yourself from mistakes.

The chance

If all possible outcomes seem to be roughly the same, you can use the old ways. Flip a coin or pull a lot. Such methods are good not that show you what to do, and the fact that getting a certain result, you can suddenly understand what the outcome hoped in the shower. And so proceed in harmony with his own flair.

In General, some people tend to underestimate the benefits that you can get if you listen to your intuition. Do not be like them. More trust their own feelings and sensations. This is your subconscious gives you a signal, and because it accumulates all information, even that which you thought lost, and your whole life experience.

Sometimes you can't decide on a certain action because you don't trust a certain person. Think about what you have for this reason. If you rather not know this individual, it is better to abandon dealings with him, just instinct stops you from this.

Don't be afraid

If you have a hard decision to make because you are not ready to bear responsibility for it. If it really is your duty then you should have the courage to take matters into their own hands. And when you are trying to get to make the choice for someone who doesn't need to be a puppet in the hands of others.

Maybe you are afraid of the changes that can be expected immediately after the adoption of a particular decision. In this case you should calm down and realize that changes almost 100 percent of cases lead to improvements, and cease to fluctuate.