You will need
  • - wrench 10 mm.
The probability of hit of air in system-steering steering most often occurs during maintenance when replacing the grease in the unit.
To avoid this problem, after removal of spent oil at the time of refilling new, do not install into the tank of the filter element and fill with liquid above a reference level of what is called "eyeballs".
After about five minutes of time the engine is started, and the oil level at this time begins to decline – it is necessary to add replenishing the reservoir to the proper level until the volume is stabiliziruemost.
Next, the engine stops and the front beam is hung on a rigid support. After moving the steering wheel to the extreme left position (motor in any case does not start at the Gura released fitting for flow through which is removed the air tube.
Once the fitting starts to leak oil, the steering wheel is translated to the extreme right. The flow valve remains open and venting continues.
When fixed-position helm after the exit of the air and the beginning of an oil leak, the fitting is twisted.