Convert the document to HTML format. To do this, open it in the editor in which you created it (or another editor that can work with files of the same format), and then in the menu "File" select "Save as". In the formats list, select HTML, and when you are prompted to specify the encoding, select Unicode. The result will be an HTML file and a set of graphic files (depending on the editor, in the same or a separate folder). Put all the files on the server (if the images are in a separate folder along with it). After that it will be enough to put on one of the pages of the site a link to this HTML file.
You can also do the following. Place the file in any folder you allocated space on the server. Go to Wireless Google Translator (link given below). Place the document address in the "Enter URL", and then click the field located under the "start" button. After converting the document, place the link that will appear in the browser address bar, to the right place page on the website.
The use of the above methods leads to a strong change in the formatting of the document. Almost free from this drawback of the online service converts a file is not in the text, and set image. Go to "Google docs - viewer" (link also below). In the field "Enter a document URL below to generate the link" enter the full path to the document stored on your server. Click the "Create link" and then automatically place the generated URL to the desired location on the page.
In any case, post on the website and a direct link to stored on the server document. This will allow those who have the appropriate editors or viewers, download the original and view it without distortion.