Good taste and plenty of nutrients has coconut, preserving all its use even at high temperature and suitable for frying any foods. Coconut oil does not emit carcinogenic substances, and does not change its chemical composition. The only caveat – it is Smoking heavily on high heat, so when cooking it you need to turn it down to medium. Equally useful and grape seed oil that reduces cholesterol and the risk of developing cancer, keeping frying all its useful properties.
Ideal for cooking refined corn oil has a neutral taste and is rich in vitamins A, b, C and K and lecithin, next of minerals and phytosterols. It doesn't burn, no carcinogens and does not foam, due to which it is widely used for cooking meat, fish, vegetables and many other dishes. In addition, corn oil is the richest source of vitamins E and F, as well as of the complex of unsaturated fatty acids. Less useful are palm and sunflower, but to fry them still.
For frying it is best to choose oil made from plants growing in local regions used to it all stomach and the immune system. However, this is not the main criterion they should use more allergies than all other people. It is very important to pay attention to the melting point of the oil – the higher it is, the it is suitable for frying. Also an important index of the oxidative stability, which depends on the changing properties of the oil at high temperatures – it should be more than 3-6 hours.
Professional chefs claim that the most suitable vegetable oils for frying are sunflower oil and corn oil, ideal for regions with average latitude and organisms of people living in them. However, they do not recommend to use for frying a variety of products very popular olive oil, which has a low melting point and is most useful only in its raw form.