To leave home, many want, but not everyone will do this act. And those who perform, often come back, as do not know how to build their lives differently. After all, it is necessary to consider many questions, such as where to go, what means to live and what to do next. If you prepare everything in advance, to leave the family would be, and no one will worry.

The financial aspect

To live separately, we need money. The money needed for food, clothing, housing. Calculate how much Finance is spent for a week at those costs. Add all of this paid mobile phone, the Internet, candy, magazines and other things that complement the world, make it brighter. When the amount is determined, you need to start looking for a job.

To leave school should not be, because life is long, and a diploma of education will be useful. So you need to look for funds, but choose a convenient schedule. Today, many fast-food chain invited people to work, you can be a waiter in a cafe or wash the floors in any facility. There is the job of a promoter, interviwers, they bring income, but they can hardly be called stable. Should pay attention to freelancing: this is remote online job that can be performed even at night.

When the source of income is found, we need to hold out 3-4 months and see whether you manage to live in such rhythm. Combining study and work does not leave time for personal life, going out with friends, parties. But it will give financial freedom. If during this time you will understand what is really doing what I can to live in such a rhythm for a long time, you should continue to consider how to leave home.

Where to go

With your money, you can withdraw for housing. For one person Studio apartments. You can choose a cheaper option — a room in a hostel or apartment with a mistress. But moving away from some people, suffering from their lack of understanding, you can face demands of a stranger. That is why try to move to a separate space. Be prepared that you will be required to pay several months in advance. To cut costs, you can rent a house for two, for example, with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Moving into a new home will be for many a holiday. But you need to tell your home that you will live separately. To tell address is not necessary, but it is important to say that you're all right, you go on the street and in a comfortable place. It should regularly call to say that everything is okay, to talk about the success and features of your life. Such care will not cause anyone pain, and you will be in good conditions, and the family will not worry.