First, to clear your consciousness, it is necessary to determine the source of the anxiety that is annoying you, forcing all the thoughts constantly spinning in a circle. Then it must be isolated. The fact is that when you are busy with something, you may not notice that your thoughts are poisoning the presence of a problem. However, once you are alone, trying to sleep, or doing monotonous activities, this issue immediately comes to the surface of consciousness. Do not try to simply dismiss Intrusive thoughts as this will help you to only briefly get rid of them. Identify the source that causes the disturbance of mental activity and try to localize it.
To get rid of the cause of a problem by deducing it to the outside. That is, don't try all the thoughts to hold it in, tell us about the problem that gnaws at you, priest, psychologist or just a close person. It is also possible to describe in detail the problem on paper which is then burned. In most cases, it helps. It all depends on the individual case and the depth of mental confusion.
To consolidate the positive result that you got from the first two steps, it was necessary to finally restore peace in his own little universe. To do this, try to make some kind of good deed. The ideal option would be to do one good thing, which is the complete opposite of a bad act, because of which you are so worried. This, unfortunately, is not always possible, but your act of kindness, in any case, should bring moral satisfaction.
Finally, to fully draw a line under all the previous steps, wash your hands with soap and water. Yes... Remember Pontius Pilate, who, after his famous sentence of Jesus, just washed his hands? This peculiar ritual has a very important psychological moment. These studies suggest that physical cleaning of hands removes the effects of unethical behavior and reduces external moral threat to your consciousness.