What have labor and delivery? The Dream Miller

American psychologist and scientist Gustav Hindman Miller argues that dreams in which women feel into labor and then give birth, are harbingers of a happy change in their life. Sometimes these paintings can be transparent, ie to reflect the real situation do to the imminent future pregnancy. Miller warns young and unmarried: if they suddenly saw the dream, then in the future they should care about their reputation and honor, which may be under threat.

What have labor and delivery? A modern dream book

If the girl dreams, she is experiencing contractions, she should not be afraid. Or a dream in the hand, or just an omen of great happiness for her and her loved ones. If you had a birth, the reality of the coming important and significant for snovideni change. In most cases, guaranteed a successful resolution of the tasks and current problems. Some people dream of how they appear. This picture should be interpreted as a chance to live again, which gives snovydiv fate. But it's important to do it correctly, rethinking their role in this world.

What have labor and delivery by dream of Juno?

This dream interpretation as well as the absolute majority of other books, commentators, predicts good changes in life, financial gain, earnings, winnings. Fight in a dream, according to dream of Juno, do not amount to much. They only indicate the approaching childbirth. If the girl dreaming of how she takes someone's birth, in reality she will have to participate in some momentous affair.

Easy and quick childbirth in the dream, after which navideca experiencing incredible relief are an indication of her selfishness. The fact that the owner of such a dream in real life without a twinge of conscience to shift most of its problems on the shoulders of some other person. This is not good! If the birth in the dream was painful and protracted, the reality will be a lot of difficulties in certain cases.

What have labor and delivery? Dream Interpretation Hasse

Painful contractions and childbirth, according to this dream, portend the emergence of serious diseases, failures, etc. Easy delivery promise a good outcome cases, which were planned snovidenij. If in a dream born multiple babies, the reality of the coming of incredible happiness and luck in almost everything! There is one interesting dream: man gives birth. This dream makes sense only when the dreamer is a lovely woman, are in an interesting position. In this case, the dream – the good news of the safe birth of a child!