Advice 1: What have labor and delivery

From time immemorial people believe that dreams are harbingers of certain encrypted messages. It is impossible to speak for all scientists, but some of them agree with that. The fact that any dream can be a reflection of the thoughts and desires of man and a warning from above. In this regard, one should explain one of the most popular and significant dreams, labor and delivery.
An easy birth in a dream - a good sign!

What have labor and delivery? The Dream Miller

American psychologist and scientist Gustav Hindman Miller argues that dreams in which women feel into labor and then give birth, are harbingers of a happy change in their life. Sometimes these paintings can be transparent, ie to reflect the real situation do to the imminent future pregnancy. Miller warns young and unmarried: if they suddenly saw the dream, then in the future they should care about their reputation and honor, which may be under threat.

What have labor and delivery? A modern dream book

If the girl dreams, she is experiencing contractions, she should not be afraid. Or a dream in the hand, or just an omen of great happiness for her and her loved ones. If you had a birth, the reality of the coming important and significant for snovideni change. In most cases, guaranteed a successful resolution of the tasks and current problems. Some people dream of how they appear. This picture should be interpreted as a chance to live again, which gives snovydiv fate. But it's important to do it correctly, rethinking their role in this world.

What have labor and delivery by dream of Juno?

This dream interpretation as well as the absolute majority of other books, commentators, predicts good changes in life, financial gain, earnings, winnings. Fight in a dream, according to dream of Juno, do not amount to much. They only indicate the approaching childbirth. If the girl dreaming of how she takes someone's birth, in reality she will have to participate in some momentous affair.

Easy and quick childbirth in the dream, after which navideca experiencing incredible relief are an indication of her selfishness. The fact that the owner of such a dream in real life without a twinge of conscience to shift most of its problems on the shoulders of some other person. This is not good! If the birth in the dream was painful and protracted, the reality will be a lot of difficulties in certain cases.

What have labor and delivery? Dream Interpretation Hasse

Painful contractions and childbirth, according to this dream, portend the emergence of serious diseases, failures, etc. Easy delivery promise a good outcome cases, which were planned snovidenij. If in a dream born multiple babies, the reality of the coming of incredible happiness and luck in almost everything! There is one interesting dream: man gives birth. This dream makes sense only when the dreamer is a lovely woman, are in an interesting position. In this case, the dream – the good news of the safe birth of a child!

Advice 2: What had the pregnancy from a loved one

Girls in love dream of child birth from his beloved. However, on the way to this dream up some factors hindering its implementation. In such cases, women may dream that they finally became pregnant from a man – but is this dream prophetic or it means completely different?
What had the pregnancy from a loved one

The value of the known dream books

According to dream interpretation Miller, dream about pregnancy heralds a pregnant woman's safe delivery and quick recovery after birth. Dream interpretation Vanga says that a married woman, who saw in a dream a pregnancy from her husband, shortly give birth to twins and unmarried girls should be wary of the falsehood and dishonesty of their favorite men. If pregnancy from the beloved dream woman, interpreting dreams according to the dream interpretation of Freud, she gets pregnant in reality or meet a new man.

The man had a pregnancy, expecting or trouble in romantic relationships, or this dream suggests a willingness to be a father.

The dream book of Nostradamus pregnancy from a loved one predicts a loss – if in the dream is pregnant by someone else, then soon the woman who had such a dream, ask to borrow money. Lofa dream book says that a dream about pregnancy symbolizes sexual maturity, creativity or wealth. Dream interpretation Tsvetkov interprets the dream about the conception of the loved one as the pride and joy for women, but the hype for young girls.

Psychological interpretation

Psychologists tend to interpret dreams about pregnancy from a practical and a scientific point of view. So, pregnancy, a dream a young woman means the initial transition to the next stage of introspection. Sexually active women not planning a pregnancy, can see these dreams in the period of the menstrual cycle, or when the fear of unwanted conception. Also pregnancy could this dream as a reminder to the woman about the implementation of the maternal instinct.

Such dreams require careful analysis to subsequently pregnancy is not turned into a kind of phobia that prevent a full life female.

Pregnancy, a dream man, according to psychologists, reflects his personal life worries or doubts about its ability to continue the race. Most often, the pregnancy dreams about having representatives of a strong half of mankind who deliberately exaggerate their masculinity.

Also, pregnancy in a dream symbolizes the way of nurturing any thoughts or ideas which need time to Mature. In a negative way such a dream can mean alien influence another person or the presence of organic diseases in the human body.

Advice 3: What dream babies

The vast majority of people, and especially women and girls, tiny babies delight, affection and a whole lot of positives. In addition, many women Wake up in a good mood, if you dream of these cute babies. Curious to know what about these dreams I think the interpreters thereof.
Dreams about babies are very different, from bad to good!

What have babies? Positive interpretation

In principle, dream babies is a positive dream. Miller says it's to any unexpected news or a pleasant surprise. You also need to remember the fine details. For example, well maintained and clean baby dreamer says the beginning of a favorable period in his life. Hasse believes, if you observe how the little lead in the handle, the reality of the coming prosperity and successful resolution of certain cases. Moreover, it is certain that from the dreamer that will depend a little. Everything will happen by itself.

According to dream interpretation Tsvetkova, if the girls dream that they breast-fed infants, it is to happiness and prosperity. To see in sleep how baby fell asleep in the arms - for good fortune in the future. Miller advises not to upset those who had dead babies. No need to think that this is some kind of bad dream. Nothing of the sort! On the contrary, the dream Miller interprets this picture as the successful completion of cases initiated, by the good news from afar, and financial reward. Breast boys dream of women to wealth and longevity, and girls to the beauty and long youth.

What have babies? The negative interpretation

There are dreams in which babies symbolize something negative. According to the astrology of Juno, thin and dirty baby predicts solid bankruptcy and misery to the dreamer. If the child cries bitterly, and the dreamer can't get it to calm down, then coming unpleasant situation. Perhaps the owner of the dream will have to endure strong shock, experience stress. All of this can affect his health, which in turn can lead to intractable disease.

Dream interpretation Vanga treats hungry babies is seen as coming at the dreamer's grief. In addition, it is an indication that the dreamer little time for their children and loved ones. Wang calls a bad dream one in which a young girl sees herself as a small child! The Oracle believes that such a dream warns of bad rumors and gossip that go around about this woman. They dismiss evil tongues, hoping to blacken her name.

Another bad interpretation of the dream babies – the search thereof. For example, if the baby was somewhere far away and was the name of the dreamer to help him, and he went to look for him, the quest is crowned with success, promise a mountain of problems and serious illness. If the baby was never found, the professional career can give a crack.

Advice 4: What have twins-boys

The twins or Gemini, dream in the dream, considered mercurial by the symbol, mercury is the patron of language, writing, trade and crafts. Sleep this should be interpreted as referring to the field of communications, fellowship, Finance and welfare.


The majority of dreams about twins the promise of profit, which may be twice the expected. Twins in a dream can symbolize any case, the result of which will exceed expectations twice, so good this dream for businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Twins can mean a great deal, the partnership itself or the profit from a partnership. If this dream sees a creative person, it can mean a lot of good ideas, inspiration and fruitful work.

Twins, the dream man who is waiting for news, important news or a decision that portends the end of the timeout.

If a woman sees in her dream that she gave birth to twins boys, leaving her with pleasant chores. If a dream about this dream woman is not married or single man, it may indicate impending possibility of wedding. But if such a dream saw the couple, he can be prophetic at least in part, to Herald the birth of a child. For pregnant a dream about this could Herald the imminent birth. If in the dream twins, not one pair, but many, this dream can talk about the beginning in the life of a happy period.

If a childless man in the age of the dream that he has twin children, a dream warns about the excess in life of vain expectations and empty waste of time.

Adults or older twins

The twins are already adults or old don't usually mean anything good, exposing the unreliability, ambiguity, deception. This dream could symbolize a strange situation or person who is playing a double game, live by double standards or is not what it seems not who he says he is.

Special care should be woman if she had a male twin, and if just prior to this, she has a new boyfriend, vigilance must be brought to the maximum. Rather, intuition is trying to tell about the unreliability and deception from this man. Maybe he already has a partner, but not in a hurry to admit it, or suffers some kind of disease.

If the adult or older Gemini dream man, he, too, should be wary of deception. If in a dream he sees his twin brother, it may mean a loss in a short time of a loved one. Also twins age, prinivil, unable to hint about going in a circle, that person does not remove from his past lessons. If a man dreams of his real-life twin brother, it could mean quicker receipt from him of the news. A dream where had a chance to see long-dead brother adults, do not be anything bad - he warns about the tedious assignment that will be associated with long-passed events.

Advice 5: What dream children

Dreams about babies can tell a lot about inner feelings and secret thoughts. If you have children (young girls or boys), then this should be treated carefully – perhaps your subconscious wants you to say something.
What dream children

What dream children

If you dream of beautiful and healthy children, it promises you happiness and prosperity. You delighted look at the beautiful children is going to be pretty. Very soon you will know something that can completely change your life.

Sick or crying children, to grief and financial problems.

If you dream of many children, it means the success you will achieve, having spent a lot of effort. Will have to go through many obstacles before you will be able to achieve this.

In the dream you feed the kids – expect the unexpected news. Perhaps that news will come from afar, from the person with whom you no longer communicate.

To breast feed – unexpected news that caught you by surprise. A long and hard work, before you your efforts will be rewarded.

The children cry in my sleep, you try to reassure them — this dream indicates a serious health problems. Pay attention to your state of health and contact, if necessary, for help to the professionals. Generally, a crying baby in a dream signifies problems in all spheres of life. A baby crying in a dream warns the dreamer about what is ahead it will face difficult times.

To dream of this little girl will be very surprised. Unexpected news will make a mess in life.

To dream of a little boy – pleasant events, profit, win, windfall profits.

Sleep children you lead somewhere

If in the dream the child you are me, then pay special attention to the circumstances of the dream. Perhaps this is a warning dream. It all depends on where and how to call you children.

Sometimes these dreams are very scary. Children immerse you in unknown places where you sometimes even danger.

Such dreams say about your doubt. You are very happy, constantly thinking about what your life could have been much better. The subconscious mind gives you the answer with the dream of children that you call somewhere. It is a signal that it is time to change this situation, and the environment will help to answer the questions.

To see dead children in dreams

This dream means the collapse of all your plans and hopes. Everything you dreamed of, turn to ashes. There comes a difficult period in your life, you will have to mobilize all their potential, to try to start from scratch.

To see a dying child in a dream – the collapse of all hopes, of particular importance becomes a dream when a dream before some important event such as before an important interview. A dream about a dying child, they would have problems. All what you dreamed of, turn to ashes. Will have to gather all his courage to successfully and with the least damage to themselves through this difficult period.

If childless girl dreams of many children, this means early pleasant change in her life.

For men dream about children of promise problems. You should pay special attention to your surroundings. There is a risk of becoming a victim of fraud on the part of people who pretend to be friends.

To beat, to punish the child in a dream – to overcome the difficulties, a successful attempt to change his life, the victory over himself.

What dream children pregnant women

There are two completely opposite opinions, what have children to pregnant women. Needless to say, that a woman awaiting the birth of a child can often dream of the children. Some believe that such dreams can even predict the sex of the baby.

It is believed that if a pregnant woman is dreaming of a female child, then she be born a girl men boy. However, there is opposite opinion, which is based on the fact that dreams are a mirror reflection of reality, and therefore treat such sleep should be Vice versa. The girl in the dream promises the birth of the boy, and dream boy heralds the birth of a girl.

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