Well-groomed long hair is always associated with youth, so, if nature has awarded you the luxurious hair you must maintain it in order. Mature women to face slightly curled strands of hair and easy hair coloring. You can style the hair depending on the situation: the beam or shell for the office, braid or pony tail for home, lush styling for the publication. You can wear your hair loose, but only on the condition that they look perfect, have a healthy glow and do not interfere with your activities.
In addition to all other advantages, long hair can hide age-related changes of the skin, especially on the neck. So if you have seen the first wrinkles, avoid high hairstyles and not to wear straight strands below the shoulders.
Haircuts medium length — from jaw to shoulder — will allow you to throw a few years. The win-win — haircut-Bob or its modification Bob. The amount of hair give styling, light Curling on the soft curlers or the quality of the lightening is not more than a couple of tones. Asymmetrical lines, the torn strands and bright coloration help to look 25 years, even if you have three children and a serious leadership position. You should pay attention to the bangs that hides wrinkles on the forehead. Not all women go Bang, so before you cut your hair, consult with a stylist.
An inherent advantage of short hair is ease of care of hair. However, in order to wear such a hairstyle, you must take care of the figure and health of your skin. In addition, even a short haircut should fit your face shape. Short hair can be put gel or mousse to give the hair a light negligence.
Hair thirty-year women require special care. First, we need to take care of quality cosmetics: shampoos, conditioners and masks, and wash your hair with a diluted shampoo. If you have dry hair, it is recommended to wash only the roots not to damage the fragile structure. Secondly, in any case can not comb wet hair or dry them with a Hairdryer. Thirdly, it is necessary to make regular head massage with oil or repea ginseng to stimulate hair growth.
The main problem of women “over thirty” is gray. If you already have been affected by this attack, paint the hair gentle, professional compositions. Home haircuts and perms look cheap, so use the services of a specialist who will also help you to choose the styling and make-up.