What products can I return?

For a start, it should be noted that to return to the store you can only really spoiled food. For example, meat with the smell or sour milk. To return a product only within its expiration date. The expiration date is always indicated on the product packaging. If the shelf life is over even for a few hours before coming to the store to return this product still doesn't work. It is quite another thing if the product was purchased already expired.

If the product was purchased at a discount and in stock, the buyer still has the right to return defective product to the store. The buyer has no right to demand the money only if the seller pre-warned about the defect. For example, if the product was sold at a discount, as he wrinkled packing. In this case, demand the return of money is impossible.

If the buyer bought a broken product, he has the right to:
- ask to replace the defective product for quality;
- ask to replace the defective product for the same product of another brand, in this case, the cashier needs to recalculate a purchase.

If the buyer sees some flaws in the product, but he still wants to buy it, then he is entitled to a discount.
The buyer can request a refund for the defective product.

How to return a broken product?

In order to return a defective product to the store you will have to show a receipt. In this case, the issue is solved very quickly and easily. If the check is not preserved, the buyer will have to find witnesses or other substantial evidence that the product was bought in this store. On surveillance cameras in this case hope not. If it is not present, return the defective product to the store is likely to be impossible.

Even if after the presentation of all evidence, the store still does not make concessions to the buyer, in this case, the client can go with substandard products directly to the office of Rospotrebnadzor in the city, which houses the store. There is already a defective product will be handed over for examination. And if will still be proven that the product is defective, the case will go to court and the guilty will be punished shop. In this case, quite often the shop is ready to meet all the requirements of the buyer, as, for example, to return the money for the spoiled meat, a lot easier than paying a huge fine for selling substandard products.