The law is on your side

The sale of goods with expired shelf life is a gross violation of domestic legislation. If you were offered to buy goods at a low price and such a practice trading network and market halls, not in a hurry. Check the expiration date of the offered products may be expired product. If you ignored this simple action, get ready to come home upset. But do not be complacent, because as a consumer you have the right to receive quality goods. The law "On protection of consumer rights" describes what to do in a situation when the buyer was the victim of a crafty trade relations. And you can solve the problem on their own, if the seller admits his mistake and will change you overdue for a similar product fresh. Otherwise write a complaint.

Requiring the replacement of goods or refund, you must provide to the store expired goods, but also check. If you check threw, to help you find witnesses, if any. After all, according to article twenty-fifth of the Law, the lack of consumer receipt or other document confirming payment does not deprive of its possibility to refer to witnesses. Well, if the store is equipped with surveillance camera: fixing the fact you buy an expired product, camera surveillance becomes a tacit witness of your failed purchase.

Do not hesitate to demand the book of complaints and suggestions. Necessarily indicate the existence of expired products on the shelves of the store. This entry is not recorded, as stated in the table. The special authorities that control the activity of trade enterprises, maintain a complaints book.

If the store does not make concessions

If the outlets refuse to go forward and refuse to solve the problem, can apply either to the superiors of the store, or in special bodies of supervision over the consumer market. Your complaint must be submitted in writing with the application of reliable evidence. As material arguments in your favor can serve as overdue items, checks confirming their purchase, recording camera footage (if you provided it) or photos of the defective product (if you did).

The complaint may indicate not only the fact of delay of the product. Check in advance how much the store is in compliance with the temperature regime of storage of this product. If he does not meet the normative documents requirements, then the issue may be considered in court.