How to determine the calorie content of cakes and pastries

Find out how many calories were in your favorite cakes and pastries, not so simple. Especially if they are homemade. Purchased confections you can find this information on the packaging. And making simple calculations, you will quickly realize how many calories are in one piece "Orpheus" or "Prague."

If the cake you prepare it yourself, it is better to choose the recipe source, where it is specified the calories. Many culinary resources of the Internet and books give such useful information. If the recipe you got from grandma, or the neighbor, or you decide to palagonite sweet in a restaurant or cafe, it would be counted by eye.

It turns out that the number of calories in the dessert depends more on the type of cream. Often in home baking used oil, custard or butter cream. The most nutritious oil, the diet (relatively!) is the custard without oil. With oil, its energy value increases significantly. In the middle range are yoghurt cream and whipped cream. These creams are not so high in calories.

The second source of calories – it's decorations for cake and cupcakes. Oil of roses, a protein "clouds", chocolate icing, fondant – Champions in terms of calories. And here is the cake, decorated with fruit, will be the most gentle for your figure.

The third source of calories – dough for cakes. Here the winner – shortbread dough (403 cal/100g). It's a little dry and crumbly. Perfect for biscuits and cakes-vases. Further, the caloric content is all your favorite biscuit dough (258 cal/100 g) – best option for cakes. It is airy and melts in your mouth. It is loved by children and adults. But the cake or cake for this recipe – very high in calories. Next to cake stands and pastry dough (238 cal/100 g) for eclairs.

Dough on yogurt or low-fat cottage cheese has the least amount of calories compared to the above, of course, if it is cooked without margarine or butter, replacing them with a tablespoon of vegetable.

The list of desserts, with their calorie content per 100 g

- waffles - 210 cal;
- cake "potato" - 433 cal.;
- cheesecake – 350 cal;
- éclair with butter cream – 458 cal.;
- puff tube with protein cream – 461 cal;
cake "Honey" - 322 cal;
cake "Prague" - 283 cal;
- sponge cake with walnuts - 355 cal;
cake "Zebra" - 270 cal;
cake biscuit – 460 cal;
- cake chocolate – 290 cal;
cake cottage cheese – 160 cal;
- waffle cake – 500 cal.