Any cake or cake requires proper storage. No matter how it was sad, but quite a large number of people were in the hospital, eating dessert with improper storage. The composition of cakes and pastries small microorganisms provides favorable conditions for breeding, so you need to carefully follow all the storage conditions, the appearance is the same as if it was fresh cake. To be safe, let's learn how to choose a quality dessert.

Before you buy a cake, you need to pay attention to the place of storage of sweets. The appearance of the cake is not a major factor. Better to pay attention to the storefronts, and temperature changes. If on the box there are small drops of water, should not buy this cake, as it was contained properly. The cake should be in a plastic or cardboard box. Also, of course, you need to look at the markings where the written terms and conditions of storage. Cakes home of origin is necessary to eat quickly, and the cakes of industrial production are kept a little longer due to preservatives.

Another factor in the choice of dessert is the reputation of the manufacturer, cafe or shop that sells you a cake. Be careful what kind of cakes or bought cakes it is better to buy your friends, and, of course, pay attention to the composition of the confectionery product, as some additives are dangerous to health.

Special equipment should be in a cafe for confectionery. And in expensive, and simple cafes can be found refrigerated display cases. They have the necessary equipment for the proper storage of confectionery products, compliance with the storage conditions. In order for your customers wanted to buy dessert, it's beautifully presented in the shop Windows. These indicators can also be judged against the sellers to their customers, and therefore the quality of the product itself.