Before you start making the rolls, the Mat should be wrapped with cling film to pieces of rice stuck in the cracks between the bamboo sticks. First on the Mat, put the sheet of pressed seaweed. The top sheet is laid out the rice for sushi (with one edge it is necessary to leave a small section not covered with rice), then the nori sheet is necessary to turn the rice out.
You can then put the cooked stuffing for the roll. Best to start with cream cheese that should be spread exactly in the center of a sheet of nori seaweed. Next to the "track" of cheese laid out the rest of the ingredients.
Tightening the rolls is the most complex stage of their preparation. Lift the edge of the Mat with two hands, seizing a sheet of nori seaweed, and begin to wrap the roll with a stuffing.
Install the roll should gradually. Do not try to make a perfect roll in one motion. When the folding roll Mat should press firmly, smoothing out all the bumps. You can give the roll the required shape (square and circle). Its structure is square, the roll is more dense – when used it will not fall apart.
The last turn you need to make an empty edge of the nori sheet was at the bottom. This area of the algae you need to put a few grains of rice and crush them and to seal the roll, pressing it from all sides. Because of rice edges of the roll will be securely fastened, keeping its shape.
After you have made the roll perfectly round or square shape, it remains only to cut off the uneven edges. Next, the roll is cut into several equal parts (6-8 pieces) and laid out on a platter.