"The sea among lands" is called the Mediterranean sea, and this is no coincidence. It is located between three continents – Africa, Asia and Europe. Its shores are densely populated since time immemorial. Over the years, one state has followed another. To date, the Mediterranean sea washes the coastline of 22 States. This is a very unique feature of the Mediterranean sea.

In Europe, swim in the clear water, enjoy pebble and sand beaches in France, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro and Malta and Monaco. In these countries is very developed tourism just because of the fact that people can enjoy the Mediterranean coast.

Among African countries long coastline are Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. A unique landscape, mild climate, unique architecture distinguish the African coast, which like to relax, travelers from all over the world.

Mediterranean coast of Turkey, Israel, Syria and Lebanon combines gentle sun, warm water and delicate Oriental elegance. We should also mention the Republic of Cyprus, which is washed by the Mediterranean sea on three sides.

The Mediterranean has brought together multiple Nations. Here intricately intertwined diverse cultures and traditions.