Before beginning any repair work first, are estimates for expenses. It should be noted that repairs to the building from scratch will be much cheaper than the exact same repair in the same apartment in the secondary market, as it is necessary to dismantle surfaces and may need to do alterations. The average price of repair of apartments is approximately equal to 20% of its value. On this number you can rely.

Repairs to the building

In the building the repair is done from scratch, so the estimates are prepared only to produce work. Knowing what you want to get the ultimate, easy to calculate the cost. On the websites of the construction companies have calculators that will help you. But don't forget that some types of work require detail. For example, wallpapering does not include preliminary alignment of the walls, it is necessary to calculate a separate item.


If you are planning to do major repairs in the apartment, little bit harder. In the cost calculation includes not only the materials used and the payment works, but the dismantling. When gluing the same Wallpaper you need to pre-clean the surface from old coatings, alignment of walls, preparation of walls, plaster and zashpatlevat. All this is paid for separately.

In this case you can also use the cost calculator repair. If you plan to do repairs yourself, then you can safely subtract from the resulting value of 30%.

To make a precise calculation, you need to know the size of the apartment, and what will be done, what materials will be used, because even the flooring has a big range of prices, not to mention the selection of plumbing and other interior elements.

A lot depends on your taste preferences and financial capabilities. The cost of repairs will vary greatly depending on whether you choose flooring or linoleum, Italian plumber or Russian, what type of Wallpaper will be, and whether they do, will there be tiles. Factors affecting the final cost of repair in a one bedroom apartment are endless, the choice is yours.

Any self-respecting construction company will name the final cost of the repair only after a thorough examination of the apartment, perform precise measurements and cost estimates acceptable to both the customer and the contractor. You can calculate only an approximate value, on which to build.