Due to the ease of operation and affordable price, the lining is one of the most popular finishing materials. In addition, it is quite versatile, its applications are endless: clapboard sheathe as baths and balconies.

Calculate how much you will need siding for wall cladding, is quite simple. Knowing the area is easy to calculate how many slats you'll need. However, there is one caveat: the lining is sold in cubic yards, not in pieces or linear metres. Therefore, it is necessary to do some calculations.

Selection of quality material

To more precisely calculate how many slats you'll need, you need to choose a good sturdy strap. Should pay attention to the direction of the cut, it must coincide with the direction of growth of the tree. You also need to pay attention to the location of the annual rings. They must go beyond boards, this parameter directly affects the strength.

When choosing finishing material, every person, first of all, think about aesthetic appearance. To leather lining the surface looked decent, you need to choose straps with smooth edges, taking into account the humidity of wood, which must not exceed 17%. Otherwise, the Board can be fragile and break during processing. You should also pay attention to the valid for a given tree species the number of knots.

The correct lining will allow you not only to enjoy the beautiful decoration, but also to calculate, what quantity of material you need.

Calculate the amount of lining

In order to calculate the amount of lining required, you need to calculate the area, multiply this perimeter by the height and given the door and window openings. Next you need to calculate the area of one rack, by multiplying its length by the height, and knowing the thickness, it is possible to obtain the volume of one plank. To obtain the necessary number of strips, you need the area of the space divided by the area of one plank. And knowing the volume of one of the boards and number of boards, it is easy to calculate how many cubic metres of lining will be needed for decoration.

You should choose the lining, strap length which is a multiple of the height of the room, it will minimize waste. But in any case, the volume should be multiplied by 0.15, because no matter how you try to reduce waste, they will still be. 10-15% of the total volume is the norm, calculated for ideal performance.